CS6 the final f’ing straw

I sometimes use creative suite at work and photoshop has been becoming less reliable for at least the last 4 versions, and the thing is now a schonky peice of shit

awful buggy expensive, cant even write pdfs properly, crashes on printing, actions not saving files, do like living your life on adobe forums ? because that where your going to spend most of your time.

Buggy as hell, the 80% of features that pro users actually uses are buggy as hell, sloppy sloppy sloppy.

if you want to spend 15 hours working out why photoshop no longer seems capable of exporting pdf’s with vectors in it that aren’t all balls’ed up, considering PDF is there own f******g standard, the fact it fails to write them properly is an endightment of adobes current state.

and if you want them to never fix it and then release cs7 and tell you to upgrade to that then by all means buy this heap of shit.

if you also want to work why actions now seem incapable of writing files to disk when they get to a point in the action when you ask them to save a file.

If you want to have to diagnose why it crashes when attempting to print ?

unreliable as knackery, adobe has completely lost its stability and reliability over the last 5 years for a load bloatware feature noone asked for, they must have lost some quality coders, because the the no doubt outsourced indians they got on it now are destroying the software.