Dont you think stories are getting passe as a concept ? The love, the loss, the wealth, the gain, the joy, the sorrow, the betrayal ? I find it difficult to place the mental/emotional investment anymore, who the hell cares ? what happens in these stories anymore, really ! most media, arts and theatre is merely redigested cultural diahorrea rolling on through the centurys for the sake of its own original pompous legacy, or perhaps more aptly for the sake of the individual who thinks, they can turn some coin from it by convincing us its “culture”. That stories teach us things ? i think most people by the time theyve reached 30 feel like they have been through the washing machine of stories that they’ve seen them all before, after that it must be their comfortable repetition and issue reinforcement that people go to see them for, perhaps to reinvest in stories that help sustain some false self perception in their own life history. Really the original story, like original culture, dwindles after a certain age. And this in itself enduces some form of parranoia as to whether we should check our pulse, is it ok to outlive the belief in the story ?

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