re murican constitution & right to bear arms

“The right to bear arms” hmm uzi’s and automatic weapons or anything above a rifle or a handgun weren’t even in the imagination of the founding fathers definition of arms ? Also in those broad words it would have been unconsciously implied to mean adult white male citizens considered those who have such rights and little else. The amount of guns and the level of gun use in America DOES contribute to the number of deaths – stats prove it . If people with guns were just killing other people with guns the problem might solve itself. But the idea that those who don’t have guns are exposed to the ego’d decisions of those with guns is sad. More guns than citizens ? Come on that’s too many and far too easy access , the skill in firing a gun ? to what purpose ? What you gonna do join the communist welfare daddy of the us army and shoot foreign people well ? Your not exactly hunter gathering in the majority, and if you are – your environment won’t sustain it much longer? The arguments for the level of guns in America is weak – its recreation and propaganda – just repeat this sentence in your head “9 year old girl loses control of Uzi and kills instructor” bah . . . if you don’t get the stupidity inherent in that setup you never will.

look the ‘founding fathers’ would have had no idea idea how weapons would develop ? a nuclear bomb – is a form of “arms” >(arms def : (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) weapons collectively.)? Your making an artificial supposition about the competence of the founding fathers and their ability to predict the future in which the constitution would exist, I’m sure they saw the constitution as a good starting point, not the end of necessary civil evolution ? Your choosing not to comprehend the obvious fact that the constitution was a product of its time, your taking it as a religious zealot would the texts in the bible ie – as absolute law ? The founding fathers could not have had the foresight to imagine how america would develop. All the ‘constitutional rights’ for americans to ‘bear arms’, didnt seem … to protect you from the rise of military industrial welfare state that eisenhower warned you of, the civil rights gun toters dropped the ball on that one – as your military industrial complex sucks you into further debt, which now plagues your culture and destroys others elsewhere for a private shareholder profit. – its time you grew up and evolved and invested the same money and effort into science not through the dim gauze of military expenditure.(taking into account the many good things that came from “research” in military institutions – ie Darpa and the internet.
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