Newspaper website paywalls mean newspaper audiences will be more class niche than ever before.

£6 a week for access to the Times or £80 a year ? Surely this must have an impact on who the newspapers readers are, and if the print edition goes completely then. ultimate the only class that can justify the weekly expense or yearly will be a very narrow class of people, to some people £6 per week would be better spent on bills or food undoubtedly ? therefore paywall subscriptions must be furthering the divisive-ness in terms of which class a papers audience is? and when he print edition dies it will only get worse. I find myself unable to comment in any form – social media etc on articles behind a paywall, which is also a form self selective censoring in the sense, that the only audience that can criticise output is that which can afford to read it. Even if you buy the print edition you wont be able to comment on the online version of an article ? pfff joy joy. They have to get profitable to survive but what the journalistic landscape will look once we’ve got there will be another matter ? £80 a year isn’t so bad TBH for the quantity, but who need or wants 365 editions of daily news ? can you customise the site to remove unwanted content theres a question does paying get rid of all advertising ? lots of questions, most of which the draw of the times isn’t worth investigating. leaving mr rif kind as the case in point to raise this point unchallenged in a recent article of his.

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