New Mac Pro musings

fundamentally the CPU power will not be much greater than most quad / hex core i7 PC’s ? unless theyve leveraged those GPU’s incredibly ? and even that will mainly be adriver thing, were not all apple employees with millions in share options, build for your customers not for your own niche market of visual aesthetics obsessed wealthy idiots.

3 Totally Bespoke non standards compliant, apple only boards, heavily BGA surface mount everything PCB’s, anything fails on that, write off the entire unit, quality apple ? give it a 5 year warranty > if you think it, no internal storage, its one way to sell other peoples thunderbolt enclosures ? and £30 TB cables or is apple building a thunderbolt drive array enclosure to go with it twice the size and noisy, I tell you what I’ll litter my desk in boxes, just for your aesthetics apple or ill stick some drive arrays on the floor – blah more surface surface visual rubbish, very fast apple custom PCIe ssd board, but again no doubt apple custom expensive and probably BTO only, blah blah blah. standards based upgradeable PC still must win surely ? for anyone who doesn’t want to waste money ? unless its a mass market cheap price revolution type product with replaceable swappable boards which I doubt ? because apple cant be bothered with upgradeability anymore. still XEON based ? I tell you what why dont you give INTEL unnecessary amounts of my money for CPU power and force us all to by overpriced FBdimms ? not Dual processor no 12 core option ? hmm overclockable > unlikely fixed cooling solution ? move along nothing to see here. HDMI 1.4 ? 4k capable at 60fps rate ? i doubt it, on par as its released ? dated a year past its release and not upgradeable > apples response more money please for a whole new machine.

Price in the UK for this £2499 ? Smug, complacent, wrong, corrupt, environmentally wasteful by design, chiat day driven american culturally insensitive philosophy exported to the world, agendered, are just some of the things I associate with apple now, money and sales is not great design, because theyre marketing is obscenely aggressive effective, they are now deaf to feedback or criticism.

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