Naked and Nudist obsessives = idiots

Naked and Nudist obsessives = idiots and attention seeking nutters
( an easy argument to win, shooting fish in a barrel really, but here goes just in case nudist obsessives stroll across this article in the future so we can finish this argument once and for all)

Naked and Nudist obsessives = idiots

Steven Gough stop wasting my tax payers money being housed by the prison system and get a job and pay for yourself to exist.

14 reasons nudists need to contemplate as to why a nude society will not work.

1: I don’t want to look at 80% of the populations naked body’s, I would find this offensive repulsive and interrupting to my general activity.

2: Certain parts of the country are too cold to maintain nudity through all seasons and weathers it is therefore an impractical philosophical belief.

3: Just as nudists perceive it as a personal & inalienable right to be naked in public spaces.
others perceive it as an inalienable right not to be confronted with other people’s nudity in public, and that number of people represent the majority, and such is
the way with first passed the post democracy’s as ours, that those with a minority opposing view are in purely realistic terms not taken into account, with the same
weight as the majority. Personal liberty has always been compromised or reigned in for the general benefit to the group throughout history.

4: Cultural nudity leads to a dwelling on the sexual, as a culture we are already too sexualized, having everyone’s bits on display 24/7 would greatly increase this.

5: Secondarily it would also be unhygenic to have everyone’s sweaty naked hairy asses sitting on communal shared surfaces on buses trains etc.

6: 8 out of 10 tribes use/used some form of covering, there are hardly any where there is no covering whatsoever. clothing was an adaptation to colder climate and
earlier loss of body hair covering descendant from an african evolution whose drivers created less body hair due to climate. regardless of such factors some cultures
no doubt chose covering of the genitals, to reduce triggers for random & violent acts of passion, and retain greater civility between hormonally unstable young
adults. Therefore nudity is not a return to some more natural “better” past, this is a fanciful historical delusion of modern people’s, who when finding lots lacking
in modern culture romantically perceive that regressing to a primitive state would improve culture, nudity is not one such reversion, that will help us as people

7: The level of nudity the nudists are obsessed with, is seeing each others genitals, as pretty much any other kind of nudity is mostly tolerated.
as such the discussion is not really about nudity it’s about the display of genitals.

8: large numbers of people wear clothes not because they are being inhibited by society, but because they would feel cold without them. And understand the various
reasons set forth here

9: This is an old argument the naturism revival pre the second world war which fed into nazi ideology and eugenics had some of its origins in such movements.

10: To be honest perhaps if you were given the right to parade around naked, and other people were given the right to be prejudicial and react to it as they see fit, you
would then realise exactly how many people are happy about it, and how difficult it might be to operate as a nudist in general culture.

11: The Victorian creation of the childhood, and childhood itself as a philosophical idea, is to a large extent built on the hiding of sexuality from children
societal wide nudity would damage that sense of childhood.

12: Just imagine rush hour on the tube in naked form, for just one moment ! shudder ! the only reason anyone can be so close to each other on the tube as it is, is
because we defer the recognition of being 3 inches from someones sweaty pit, by hiding it with a layer of cloth.

13: Modern nude warfare would just lead to greater casualties, the clothing, which is the bullet proof vest/armour, is in battle essential for survival. and ask the
medieval armourer whether a cod piece was important ? I can assure protection of the soft external bleeding parts was considered important. in fact covering of the
penis essential for survival. Only a few times in history have tribes in the past used genital nakedness as a taunting or scaring weapon, and against good armour and
sword or a gun its no contest ?

14: Penis and breast envy are real possibility’s within a nude culture ? these primitive beasts of emotion do not need stirring from their dark depths, and we certainly
as a culture wouldn’t want to expose people to more negative feelings than they no doubt already perhaps justified or unjustifiably feel towards there genitals by
putting these issues on display for all to see, secondarily the standard of flacid penis owned by the general mass of man is a hideous object from an aesthetic
perspective with little artistic merit, also whether flacid or even the erect, the appearance of the penis is in no way, the prime indicator or full story of male
breeding potential as might be visually judged, as science, sperm counts and ED and the use of viagra will testify.

people already have the right to be as nude as they want in private, it is only the public space where nudity is limited. Nudity will never succeed in dominating advanced cultures not unless we genetically engineer ourselves to be perfect specimens immune to disease, foul odours and habits ? can suck our genitals inside our body’s on command have constitutions that mean the cold is an irrelevance ? and bullet proof skin. all this to be so unlikely as to mean it’s not worth considering in the forseeable future.

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