Moores law broken 5 years ago for the consumer by product point marketing

agreed , but sadly the transistor count has no longer been doubling CPU perfomance in the last 4 quad core intel i7 chips, the 2008 i7 was 830million transistors currently 2013 i7 haswell is 1.4 billion, in 5 years thats an increase of less than 75% and, most of that being spent on integrated GPU perfomance rather than the CPU itself, in that period CPU performance has not increased by 75% ? if moores law were still accurate we would be at 4.98 billion transistors by now and 8 cores would be standard, moore’s law has been dead for a while, because CPU manufacturers are pouring the dies size savings into more chips per wafer as they internally believe current performance for the average user is very much sufficient, more chips per wafer leads to better profits.

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