HUGE – film review – 3*

A Valid filmic attempt … but Subconsciously littered and heavy with youth multiculturalist schmaltzy programmatic London themes. Crazy skinhead appearing apparently lacklustre comedian needily courts 2nd/3rd
generation immigrant as comedic partner, buttons here are pushed way too heavily, cheesy montage, overplayed and instantly appearing passion / emotion / bonding expose etc various very stereotype or unfleshed
unbelievable characters litter this supposedly comedic / confused film, which seeks and desires to project an agenda on your thinking on multiculturalist society, young people in restaurants living in large
nice shared houses with twee Jewish gypsy grandmothers in the suburbs, and the English restaurant boss is inexplicably somehow the bad guy … yeah, I suppose its comedy ? though im not sure where its emotionally
aimed and it lolls around all over the place without the subtlety too make the manoeuvres its attempting. I’m not exactly sure which UK or London this film is based in, but its not one I recognise from any era,
its that kind of programmatic media invisioned version of somewhere London the UK film industry likes to liberallist project. soft glow effect overused throughout, ends in a cut short manner with a heinous
montage of implied sacharrin ending. Not funny enough – not believable in any of the places it attempts to go, falls between all the stools … lands nowhere.

An identifiable cameo-ish appearance of Ralph Brown of Danny Withnal fame will with cognition tease for recognition upon your eye.

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