RAISE interest RATES fuckers, the house owning set, desperate to cover arse and keep their greedy gains

unwelcome ? according to the bbc one more minister thinks a rate rise is necessary.

rate rise unwelcome ? to the house owning set maybe ? every fucker who can’t afford a house is begging for interest rate rises and a crash to correct the last 15 years of government encouraged greed that has made the multiple house owning set a super wealthy elite at the expense of those who don’t own a home of their own to live in, this is now the divide in society. Also a rate rise would benefit those whose savings in the bank savings account get interest of 1.5% or worse ? and who’s money is constantly devaluing due to inflation rising faster than savings can repair it ? secondarily this devaluing in wealth is not aided by the governments profligate public finances which spell “public finance bankruptcy” whilst they still burn tax revenues paying for a bloated welfare system, so that this false economy means are actual currency is devaluing anyone’s saving. The problem is of course if their is a property crash they’re will be a feeding frenzy to buy up low price property, by people who already own property, which will probably mean most of those people who could get into the housing market after crash will no doubt be out-competed for a place to live as per usual by property speculators looking to just make more money out of the housing market, fuckers that they are. Of course in this process who people who own a single property to live in and have paid to much for it to afford higher than 0.5% interest rates will also get burn’t what is to be done ? if we allow everyone with a house to survive the recession by artificially allowing them not to pay the piper of house price speculation greed, then we will be creating the greatest divide in society ever between the house owning set and others, and that eniquity may last for decades longer, as on islands like this no major housebuilding program and an aging population will never be able to provide the resources for young people to own their homes and raise family’s again.

thank god one more fucker has voted for a rate increase, people think their entitled to a 0.5% bank of england interest rate from now till f’ing eternity, because it benefits everyone ? it doesn’t benefit savers. 0.5% is unrealistic and has always been unrealistic, its the sign of a zombie economy, where government can’t raise interest rates because the interest the government would have to start paying back on governmental public debt would then escalate horribly as well. The MPC and the government are all over a barrel they cant do anything except micro tinker, you might as well leave everything at the never-ending story of negligible interest rates as per usual, such as they always seem to want to and then fire the mpc because they’re not actually taking decisions ? truth is this the bank no what their interest rates need to be at regardless of what the government set the interest rate to, theyve already made those decisions its just the MPC that need to catch up ? the differential between the MPC set rate and the bank rate is just enabling the Banks to make huge profits ?

The MPC’s decision has been to do nothing, ie the popularist approach to running the economy, and if one runs an economy with popularism, one isnt realy running an economy ? and this comes about through the media pressure and voice of the house owning set mainly because sites like the bbc, publish which members of the MPC vote for what over time, which is in their interest to do so, because most people working in the media own houses … DUH !, so the house owning elite know who specifically Spencer Dale, Andrew Sentance and Martin Weale, poor sods theyre only trying to bring some realism back to the economy ? yet theyre named so you know who to hate if you cant afford you’re interest payments ? this is a bullshit system, where the MPC is held to ransom by poblic opnion and a fake economy, we are trying not to come to terms with the reality of the situation, much like japan who have been living as a zombie economy for sometime, but at least Japan export a great deal more than we do ? when the true situation is realised about the economic state of this country, things are going to be much worse. public sector is bloated beyond dimension paying for whole swathes of people who have grown accustomed to free money and who contribute little or nothing to the economy internally, let alone exports, and yet we endlessly import labour from abroad, which bleeds money into other economy’s, by it being sent home, we should like america employ native english people at all cost if we can.

Note this country seems to operate on the principle that as long as 51% of the people are alright jack the other 49% can go swing. problem is actually most of that 51% are being bribed with benefits provided through taxation by the other 49% who are not alright, problem taxation doesnt anywhere near cover the cost of benefit provision hence national debt, and those who dont take benefit and who strive to make this economy work through self endeavour or enterpreneurialism have to the pay the price of others lethargy. Should you for instance get benefits when you own your own home ? I think not, since that is what has created the great wealth divide in this culture. The idea a striving non house owning person who works hard and pays taxes is supporting some fucker indefinately with benefits who owns a house is unreasonable.

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