gentlemen v manwhores

I repeat … Gentlemen dont say “nah n***a” and secondarily any man who becomes a womens slave (“kiss they ground they walk on”) is basically a person who does not understand what being a man is in any sense of the word, the men who are prepared to say anything to get into a girl knickers are liars for starters and secondarily they create a false set expectations in womens imagination, as to what they can expect from another human being, they’re ego swells and they can become ruinously high maintenance women by the actions of a few sex obsessed idiotic men, also these men tend to go for high numbers of short term relationships, not good for sexual health, these men can be serious std distributors, they aren’t men they’re what i call manwhores. And work to destroy what being a man is because they can see an easier way to ferret about up women by lowering their personal threshold of acceptable integrity.

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