Email to the prime minister – re house price speculation

I can understand that the Prime Minister being a family man & a houseowner, thinks probably the base rates being held artificially ridiculously low until 2015-2016 is wonderful news that saves and protects families ? But in reality Non Houseowners and the Young are being forced to pay the price of the fiscally imprudent agressively greedy older generations property speculation game. The previous Governments lack of regulation on the finance sector, clearly created a surfit of cheap credit, enabling a horrific house price speculatory bubble, if interest rates and quantitative easing stay on the same path you are destroying the deposits of the young to get into property, stagnating savings, investment & devaluing currency, just so you can uphold property speculators house prices ? its one thing to want to protect the single home owner, but how are you going to curb & chastise the greed mentality behind the multiple property speculator class ? at whose behest the economy must stagnate ?

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