ebay sales slow down

Agreed ebay sales, big slow down, been slowing down for years though imo (member since jul 2000). i think mainly because of economic conditions, perhaps combined with the commercial stores now drowning out private second hand sellers, and therefore people dont perceive there to be many bargains here anymore, and those second hand sales that are here, often sell so close to retail, as to not really be great bargains, and postage can often push small price items over shop prices. Margins are pretty bad for sellers … by the time you subtract list fees, final value fees, postage fees and paypal fees. I cant justify my second hand selling time wise really, its just a fancy form of recycling. In my opinion ebay is turning into a commercial department store/mall online. And that shopping experience can be had most anywhere on the web by a specialist retailer. Ebay need to carefully look at the balance of their business model.

My Conclusion : In my opinion anything under £20.00 probably isn’t worth selling on ebay time wise, and once the people who are charitably spending their time puting sub £20.00 items up have left. Ebay will be no better off as a site, than any other conglomerate web store that is trying to attract sales.

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