Doctor Who – Series 8 – worth it for adults ?

Hmm capaldi – aged, eccentric … fine – but a little over the top kind of scatty dizzy withnal professor impression,

heavy agenda in programming children’s imagination’s through writing characters and situations to suit a massively liberalist agenda.

and a deep dump of steam punk, and all the usual suspects and over intensified cheap melodramatic scripts.

multi-culti – polysexuality lesbian alternative sexuality programmatic themes ? woman declaring being “in love” with a victorian english ninja warrior lizard lesbian alien lady ? “jenny and I are married” – “I have never had the slightest interest in pretty young men” maid stating to alien wife “Oi … Married” lesbian snogging is now apparently a normal part of children’s programming.

“go on then do it”

feminist agenda – “people are apes – all men are monkey’s” – ‘reinforce the men as idiots theme’

christ if this isn’t written by a woman for women lords knows maybe a man whose about as liberal as possibly construct-able.

Capaldi is bearable if not better than bearable, but the weird childish writing and overt ideological sex and race agendas that have overburdened the last god knows how many series seem set to continue, as though sci-fi is in fact an appropriate platform for liberal types in the beeb to impose there societal propaganda through plot-lines and characters.

super dodgy science fiction founded on very little real science

as a grown person of mental merit and awareness – will it be worth watching ? – urgh … NO … absolutely … NO. As a children’s program ? I wouldn’t let my kids watch it – as its ideological agendas are way to in your face.

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