Deaths and Funerals – the actuality

Lots of people can’t wait for a death or a funeral, to bang on about how they cared and how tragic something is and its “devastating” them ?, rather than caring in actuality in real life, whilst the person was alive, when really they revel in using a death or a funeral as a stage for their own emotional overwrought display so they can garner empathy from others using their emotional routine or use it as fake emotional capital to write a song, when really the deceased as is natural in a way is secondary and discarded parcel in that process, by the living. usually the people most acclaim-adly distraught at a funeral, are using it as an opportunity to point at themselves with the “ME” sign of attention seeking. Fleetwood Mac has a dark history of casualitys storys which sadly theyve tried to vampiracally thrive off over the years. The politics of a band are riddled with vicious power cliques worse than any social scene, workplace or school.

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