Dear Mandelson

Hi P mandelson

This is a communication from an ordinary british man.

After having said to myself, ‘I’ll just check the news on website’, I had an un-verbalised joke in my own imagination, saying … “I know it winds me up, but today, there wont be any idiotic story’s on there that get me aggressed”, but BAM there you are mandy messing up our country again !

Do you think there is single english person that wants any of these privatisation’s ? what the hell are you thinking ? why don’t you just check what’s left in the cupboard to privatise now, after you sold every other jewel, I mean … once the Royal Mail has gone … thats it !!! no more public assets to sell !!!!! then what will the government do for an occupation ?!!?!

I tell you what, why don’t we just turn the whole of english culture into a monopoly game ?!!?!?!? played by internationalists of no loyalty to anything except themselves ? and see who wins, thats how low … people like you are bringing are once great culture !

How does one get into politics, because I don’t think, most ordinary people could do any worse a job, than the private school idiot run, emasculated by europe worshipping Bureaucracy we appear to have in this country as a weak excuse for government ?

If you want to go down in history as someone as evil as lord Beeching, your heading in the right direction, why does every fool perceive privatisation as the solution to all problems, Its the temporary “cash fix” taken by the junkys, of badly run governments. To freely give away for perpituity, the assets that the public hands … own and contain, into a smaller subset of private hands, that of those with cash to invest for the purpose of extracting profit. And that profit is an extra burden of money that must be extracted in order to be accounted for.

The Royal Mail does not need to be privatised to sort its issues, just give them the powers to be as firm and fair as any prospectively private/privatised company would be, in tackling union issues, raise the basic cost of a stamp, but dont privatise the royal mail. If the people running it, don’t perceive they can do a good job unless it is privatised, then what they are really saying is they are incapable of the job of management. Just as much as Devolution of government power and control has proven to be the “badge of proof” if any were needed, that the current incumbents are incapable of using the power we the public, gift them …… wisely.

The only quality move made by politicians in the the last fifty years, was the construction of the NHS, mainly through the power and belief of one man, everything else has been a relative undoing of past good, for extremely temporary fiscal benefit, when there is no state of any kind – there is no country, we are just tennants in this land ! But you being a eurocentric bureaucratic monetarist can see no further than your last dull meeting in which industry types (who probably as was the case with railtrack, have something to gain), impressed upon you the urgent need of privatisation.

The prostitution of the labour party by Tony Blair, has left us with a non democratic one party system, and you were in instrumental this, think forward to the times when you will have left politics, will have you left it a better place ? Time and time again you appear to be causing the publics hackles to rise, stop worrying about what your colleagues think, what industry types blind by entrenchment … might suggest, and start worrying about what the people think, and how they would wish yourself and other politicians could work in manner whereby we didn’t have to look back on a littany actions that appear in hindsight quite clearly to be mistakes.

Sooner or later some faceless person, in a government like this one, is gonna start trying to push this nation whilst fitting in their sleep, into the Euro currency, because you think it might be the next solution to the disasters your trying to escape, in fact it looks like its being engineered that way right now, but in truth I do not wish to become a smaller voice in an even larger bureaucracy, a euro bureaucracy which hasn’t found anyone capable of agreeing to sign off its accounts in the last 11 years !. We are an island nation and by that nature do not easily or willingly, fully fit into the puzzle that is the continent of europe, or should we blindly follow the americans, we in this isle should remain an island nation, it is our character, it is our individuality, it is our soul.

D morgan

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