BBC still trying to defend beeching

BBC still trying to defend beeching
1: Beeching could have mothballed the lines and stations, retained ownership of land and stations instead he expensively and deliberately destroyed them. Making the future re-instatement
And re-use of said axed infrastructure, cost astronomically more in the future privatised prices to rebuild from scratch.
2: He was from ICI, and merely applied the bean counting he learnt in chemicals industry to infrastructure, not an equivalent commodity in any sense, one can reorder chemicals into a warehouse pretty quickly, one cannot get railways back into stock that have have been expensively destroyed.
3: The cost saving and boastful proclamation of a return to profitability never occurred, in fact subsidy went up and up and even exists post privatisation, thereby making the cuts seem more pointless. also it’s not totally vital to make a profit on public infrastructure, that’s partly what taxes should be for?
4: He and his report was used as a convenient scapegoat by successive governments, to cut useful public infrastructure. Really no Englishman should have been found to entrench the governments preset agenda on railway closures.
5: the final truth was that the hand and money of the road building lobby and the car industry was largely behind beechings axe in the rail network, Beeching had to be selected from the chemical industry, as to come directly from the car industry would have been to obvious – though mcalpine had connections etc. and they’re dream of us fitting in with the ‘American car model’ thereby the branch line was set for extinction, as we can’t have small towns not congested with car traffic can we? And where do small towns with visitors which used to have a railway line, put all those cars ? Car parks.

Beeching or otherwise it never makes sense to throwaway and pay to destroy “public” infrastructure, that may become useful in the future with new technology, the same might be said of the coal mines also.

You the bbc were also complicit in playing beechings cause / ideology to the public, no BBC . . . you can’t make Beechings legacy acceptable palatable and you never will, no matter how hard and for whatever reasons you try.

The Mekong River with Sue Perkins

A great series worth seeing as its trans national selective theme, shows how one river touches so many people, It comes to no strong conclusion as concerns the river projects, except to say the right thing – which is that – obviously a beneficial balance must be struck between progress the river and it environs and those people who depend on it.

I tend not to like programs that put the presenters name in the title, but at least you know what your getting, not that I wish to perceive any person as the brand or commodity for sale or to promote, as thats not my english cup of tea, this program isn’t about Sue Perkins, its about the Mekong, and Sue does a very serviceable job of representing the river and its various peoples to the viewer, her ideally suited personality to interact with the various peoples met, mild humour and simultaneous humility goes a long way in this respect.

This is a program worth watching – whilst its on iplayer to do so. I think Sue has proven herself worthy of perhaps a few more adventures, if she has the energy for it. episode one link below.

The Mekong River with Sue Perkins

Hopefully when the follow up program is made in 15 years time when Sue is older, this current mekong story will not be a record of disaster and loss.

sarkeesian gamergate crap

Most of what the bobble head talking feminist icons which the media approve of. Are demographically selectively approved of poster persons- for some current vogue based agenda, generally they are saying nothing new or original, they’re just attention seekers, and those who dont question sarkeesians agenda are in fact men who fail in being independant in spirit by bending over double to please women, that is the unrecognised feminine power. Theyre is too much violence and sexuality in dull games – but its not a “feminist agenda” ? after all its consumer culture, there is always choice, no on is forced to play dull games.

Open borders create these problems

lecturer beaten black and blue in violent robbery attempt

this is what being punched in the face repeatedly looks like > not how hollywood portrays it >

Paul Koelher Injuries

Paul Koelher injuries 2

They should be extradited to serve their ‘lengthy time’ in ‘polish prisons’, I don’t want to waste my tax pounds -paying for such scum in my culture, im sure the polish wouldn’t mind looking after for them for us, the bill would cost less for sure.

Have I got News For You series 48 Episode 6 : Endless propoganda

Have I got News For You series 48 Episode 6 — Propaganda

How was the native visually portrayed in this reductionist propaganda – Overweight thick uneducated and disgusting

How this was a healthy or even fair projection of british people back to themselves – I’m not sure. But again the media just as the political set don’t care, as long as they can wallow in their political correctness, pumping endless pointless entertainment and rubbish information out and shitting on the native that struggles in another class group to them – whose local schools and areas are subsumed by immigration what does it bother them ?

Any accurate framing of the statistics chosen – no – any context – no – reductionist wit it may be – but sadly it also serves whether they like or not as argument to persuade readily accepting minds, who are happy to have their opinion ‘mediated’ for them by the media.

for instance 53% of british native are of a low education standard apparently, compared to other immigrant groups – thats not comparing apples to apples – is that comparing the educational profile of the entire possibly old and aged british population who pre 1980 largely didn’t get degree level education, versus the “mainly young” profile of people who immigrate in from another culture, and their relative value of these degrees? the comparisons were quite obviously framed and very selective and without context.

Sometimes I think we need a reduction in famous people, a bonfire of the vanities, especially the talking bobble head caricatures on are media, who make a career of reductionist with but want to wade in on political issues, from their smug comfortable overpaid house-owning perspectives.

The reasoning being given for no borders – monetary – numbers thrown about like the contribution is 20 billion over 10 years or some such, again blanket absolutist de-facto statistical statement facts with no backup, evidence or context, pointless.

As though free markets, borders and capitalism and money is the only thing, we should consider and the people of the culture can be replaced at any turn by fuckers, from elsewhere without any detriment to the people culture of this island – itself.

The right to be forgotten ? largely criminals censoring the evidence of their crimes sanctioned by the ecj

The right to be forgotten ? largely criminals censoring the evidence of their crimes sanctioned by the ecj

except i cant work out why this article was censored ??


google should have a list of it g notices and what its been asked to censor ?

Ive also found that google is getting cannier so that all uk users whether you use or now seem to be censored I’m wondering whether we will all have to use geographic ip obscuration services to get uncensored results that include the millions links a that are being removed with this “right to be forgotten”

this ecj enforced law, is largely being abused and servicing the outright needs of criminals.

its probably time somebody invented an incorruptible open source crowd run – torrent engine which background run on peoples computers doing web crawling and providing a non server based search facility which worked off distributed computing which was incorruptible, as the data and articles is on sites still, only the search links to it ~ no longer are.

size of universe and age of of universe

the diameter of the known universe is estimated to be 93 billion light years wide

but its age is estimated to be only 13.798 billion years

this means it expanded faster than the speed of light initially and is currently doing so at its extremity’s ?

as if it went at the speed of light from the beginning it would only by 27.66 billion light years wide ?

1 light year is 1ly = 5,878,625,541,248 miles ie 5 trillion miles per light year roughly

the universe is 93 billion x 5.8 trillion miles wide

or 546,712,175,336,064,000,000,000 miles wide


546 sextillion miles wide

or 1.400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 people in a line

shorthand thats 1.4 nonillion people standing in a line from one side of the universe to another now thats a queue.

Bullshit government and lottery funded multiculturalist agendered – native discriminatory > organisations > first story

First Story

“literacy and confidence in challenging UK secondary schools and their communities.” can you smell agenda disguised Horseshit … I can ?

ie – making immigrants children feel more secure in a culture not their own and spending money on such schools where an overburden of mass immigration has largely replaced supplanted the native populational groups. So we have to spend extra money to try and educate the children as to what english and english literary culture is about, and give them a ‘voice’ only in the PC enshrined sense – as long as its passes the ‘politically correct filter’ – of pro multi-culturalist agenda, that has and is being rammed down this cultures throat, desired or not for the last 60 years or so. Whose cultural dilutory affects on the struggling native classes are obvious irrevocable and everywhere.

and why is it ‘first story’ well because its all about catching the young schools kids isn’t? and why is it young people ? I know 40 year old people who’ve never fully expressed themselves to others in literary form who might be equally deserving, its young people not because, we really care about their furtive first expressions – its because we teachers and organisation like first story, can direct and guide their expressions to fit the correct mould – the mould of engendered and endless positivity towards multi-culturalism and diversity and enshrined mass immigration, if this program was about bringing largely immigrant children into a better understanding of british literary works and history then fine – but that wont be its agenda will it – because thats not politically correct enough.

Will we get a website for the literary efforts of those who no doubt too young to even know the real impact of the last 60 years – can put into words, the effect on their native communities of largely unfettered and class driven mass immigration ? I very much doubt there voices – will get published – they will have to publish themselves – for the classes that have power and security aren’t interested in these native voices.

no we cant spend lottery funding on the native peoples literary education specifically or taxpayers money, no thats not possible, because they’re not a “community” are they, theyre just the background and thats about as much attention as we give them. And the upper classes the wealthy the power set, they just cant see they’re betrayal of the struggling native – they’re blind to it – and this is why in the end, the true native turns aggressive and divisive in their political viewpoint, when they see the agenda, because they’re are literally being ignored its a stonewall kind of deafness. The Struggling english native is abused in full view and for the benefit of the foreign, by a class who are now reaching back toward the full roots of their feudalcy or who rest so fully on a fat cushion politically correct programming of propaganda, that has been going for a long time, native kids born in the last 20 years cannot now – even know, what was done to their culture in the last 60 years, endlessly the history will be re-written to paint the endless multiculturalist agenda further back unrealistically into history, until the deliberate start and attack of this agenda cannot be discerned any longer.
Maastricht ensured we no longer had a border, and that was the real dissolution point – of this culture.

One of the pro agendered tweets reads >

“Thank you @giveabookorg for donating a book to every #FirstStory pupil – amazing. Requests range from Malala’s memoir to Malorie Blackman!”

ie the range of books wanders from foreign people to a female black author, the two ends of any politically correct agendered spectrum, as these are all the vogue in the politically correct educational set – because of course —- its not divisive to deliberately select foreign authors or authors on the basis of – skin colour !? but then Malorie Blackman is an author who works the pro discriminatory skin colour angle by the sound of her own soundbites “”I’m just Malorie Blackman, a black woman writer.”” not just a straight off writer note – she couches herself as a “black woman” writer – she’s working those angles, truth is your just a writer and if you haven’t worked that out yet you haven’t grown up yet, or your literally trying to use your skin colour and sex to some advantage from a positive discrimination scenario.

This stinks of the “Music of Black Origin” scenario as though skin colour is what makes the music ? pfff you either write or compose full stop – everything in your experience and cultural background obviously contributes to your output but you don’t need to precede those titles with denominational affectations and descriptive list of skin colours or sexuality. I don’t read ‘De Profundis’ because Oscar Wilde was gay – I read it because its truly a wonderful piece of work that stands up in its own merit without framing as regards sexuality or skin colour. If anybody precedes their activity title with gay or lesbian or black woman – I’m quite likely in fact – not to read their work, because they have already identified their own level of stupidity.