What bank should you have your money with in the UK ?

One who only has two set sets of interests to work for >

1: The Depositors not shareholders or traders interests

2: and the interests of the culture in which they operate ie not trading against the interests country they operate in.

ie a building society where the depositors, are the shareholders and any profits to be had by the trading arm are shared by all where a small level of sensible distributed risk is taken with my deposit and in return interest is paid on my account on the basis of profit share from trading to all depositors. Its not really complex is it. you know how all building societies used to be, before they were all bought up and despoiled by the majors for their own advantage.

The BBC now asks the “Cheeky Girls” for their opinion on immigration rather than presenting a natives viewpoint

The unending failure of the BBC to represent the native british persons viewpoint, which surely is a failure of remit considering its the ‘British broadcasting corporation’, they are just a filthy propaganda machine for immigration multiculturalism and european liberal wealthy ideology’s, certainly that has been the ratchet effect of propaganda based enforced representation.

bbc propaganda page here

This is one of the most insulting and crass videos created by the BBC, allowing foreign people living in our midst to promote the idea that the british people are lazy and foreign people aren’t, which is why we should always bend over and and allow them to over-run our cultural borders. The BBC is a criminal organisation, committing organised crime against a culture by promoting the segregative multi-culturalist ideology of a minority liberal wealthy power class against another much more dis-enfranchised majority.

Here is the wisdom of a cheeky girl paraphrased by the BBC !

British newspapers have portrayed her fellow Romanians as “lazy workshy people” the Cheeky Girl singer Monica Irimia said in her This Week film on immigration.

She thinks the UK benefits system made it “too easy for some” and the government should do more to encourage people to work.

But the singer said the blame should not be put on immigrants legally claiming what they are entitled to, as she recalled how her record company went under and how she could have lived off benefits in Britain.

She said the prime minister could freeze benefits, but he must not close the door on immigration from the EU. Restrictions stopping Bulgarians and Romanians working in UK are set to be lifted next year.

WTF WTF who the fuck is she to be pontificating about what should be done !!!!!!!

The BBC takes no comment on the post as usual for fear of the publics opinion, as it like to censor opposing or descenting views by not representing them or allowing them airtime in the cultural imagination.

The media the government and industry have exhibited no ability over the last 40 years to preserve or represent the rights of native people to self determinism or true democracy, they have never cared for or asked for the opinion of the native man on the question of immigration in fact they deliberately set off down a road as fast as possible that revolved around ignoring the common mans opinion of this matter, as though in some liberal paternalistic way they knew better, this behaviour as always wreaks of ego and that of the gambler who having made a bad bet rather than learning from it and facing their failure, repeatedly doubles up, continuing with false faith in their erroneous gamble. and in attempt to bolster their own views whenever there is clear evidence that this decision was not beneficial they have attempted to ignore such evidence and turn all the harder full speed for their ideological agenda. This price of this blindness has has been to erode our cultural identity at every turn by the idealogical agenda of the international liberal set, ideology whose net result in practice has always been to shit on the vocal opinion of the native class of poor who cannot represent themselves potently within their own culture power and control structure as they are generally ignored. Politics … like the banks and the media are currently morally, intellectually and culturally bankrupt.

Companies making money from out of copyright music ?

Companies making money from out of copyright music ?

since musical recording copyright should last 50 years ?

how come someone is still making money and charging for their music on itunes ? I guess the itunes stuff is a just for your convenience type scenario.

so actually nearly all the inkspots can be downloaded for free from the internet archive, because they are out of copyright, and plenty of other great out of copyright music, if your dying and you dont wish anyone to benefit financially from your music you can of course pass it all into the public domain.

the irksomeness of having to deal with female genital mutilation within our cultural borders

It would be nice not to have to deal with these problems in our country in the first place or have to even consider FGM, Oh I forgot there is a simple solution its called not allowing these people to enter the country in the first place to devolve and distract our culture from more important things, than concentrating on trying to solve a genital mutilation problem we never had to deal with before importing backward peoples ! but of course that would involve having border controls that weren’t porous like a sponge because of Europe’s insanity, or having some liberal enforced agenda of immigration and multiculturalism under some vague guise that nativity in itself must be racist if your white or western.

and why do we show pictures od distressed white children in this article, is it because were too feared to label the practice with imagery of african immigrants ?

BT rip off NON use Line Rental charges

Extra bill charges for non usage, whether it’s in your small print or not, I consider these charges as unfairly described or offered within the advertising, non usage of a service should not incur extra fees, I will be taking this up with the ombudsman unless resolution is swift. When I buy goods or a service like a monthly line rental, I expect to see a flat price advertised that does not involve hidden conditions relating to being charged extra for none use of said services, beyond the flat fee advertised as the services cost. If these charges are not removed from all the months in which you been charging me well beyond the headline line rental price I signed up for on your website.

I would also like to know at which point you can provide evidence agreed to be on Unlimited Weekend plan ? As I do not remember signing up for a £14.60 line rental ? also you are charging me for £2.70 for caller display I would also like to know what evidence you have I signed up for that extra as well, as you appear to be charging me extra for that due to non minimum call being made, all of this extra charges for use stinks of deceptive business practice in my opinion. have not had a telephone attached to my line for some considerable time, over which period you have been making the extra charges to my monthly costs via direct debit.

stock market speculators casino table

One commentator was heard to state as observed by dailyfinance.com :

“People have to separate the economy from the stock market,” Ed Butowsky, managing partner of ChapwoodFinance.com in Dallas, said.

In other words as I have suspected for some time the stock market has little relationship to reality or the state of the economy its a gambling table detached from reality or the state of the economy. the gamblers have no need to know of the state of the economy or the general population, in assessing the value of their fictional commodities, it’s based on how many people they can sucker into playing their imaginary game read usually large ignorant institutional investors, after all … they have a billionaire row lifestyle to maintain and if you cant achieve such earnings when being connected to reality then the best thing to do is to detach from it entirely. And get back to the game you do know, inventing and imagining vast profits in computers containing numbers on a screen for vast half fiction financial entities. And then converting them into tangible real assets so that when the shit inevitably hits the fan, you got yourself covered because you converted it into land, property or businesses that do something substantial.

The real con revolves around peddling something of low value as something of high value two one investor and also selling your end of the deal, responsibility wise for the first transaction as another credible form of investment to a second investor, ultimately having detached yourself from responsibility for the transaction entirely, and then quickly converting both the peoples money into a diverse range of much more solid tangible forms of investment. And then when discovered persuading your friends in power to bail you out of the situation with more mugs money (read … taxpayers) whilst you golden parachute out into tangible fat house and investments to sustain you in old age, the financial markets are little more than a criminals legal paradise or even worse consolidate the value of the phantom investments / cons with taxpayers money.

asian grooming child gang rape trial

asian gang rape grooming trial

asian gang rape oxfordshire

remove their balls and remove from the country, but you know as well as I do in my country, sadly no longer has the ‘balls’ no ‘pun’ intended for such straight forward action. No we need to crawl around paying overpaid lawyers and wasting taxpayers money defending these creeps human rights ? FFS its enough to make one give up with this Island completely, that were not even allowed to utilise our democratic rights to self determination or own cultural sense any longer as concerns justice, in an expedient way.

No doubt these primitive criminals all passed their english citizenship test in some fake bullshit college.

privatisation and privatising search and rescue ?

Why is it the governments only reflex action to everything is to privatise it !

It seems to me an idiocy to privatise search and rescue ?

I cant wait for the day when a government realise’s the error of its ways and nationalises something, only then can culture be united, when it feels it has a share by native birthright in something great, and should thereby pay its taxes towards it.

it appears everything is for sale in britain to the foreign investor

chinese eye up northern property

This isn’t positive news except for those who own property, and have some stake in ever increasing prices and hopes of downsizing in the future and being quids in financially, this is just more wealthy international foreign overlords buying up the resource of lands and houses in this small island, for the sake of their own financial reward, everything is for sale here in the UK, and best of all they pay no capital gains as foreign investors upon sale, they’re better off than the native buyer.