over 2000 nuclear tests have been conducted

I think its worth the public knowing that over 2000 nuclear explosive tests were conducted and people are worried about nuclear war, seems like we already had one ? wtf can they have been learning form this overtesting mentality ? surely 20 tests might have done the job but over 2000 ?

the americans in particular were willy nilly knocking these tests out wtf were they doing for christs sake ? its like they were having side orders of nuclear tests with every fries sold or something ? seriously a heinous and egregiously uneccessary amount of tests were conducted it was as though america and russia were running a ‘who can out test each other book’ or something ? its ridiculous ? and over 300 atmospheric tests ? the americans polluted ‘our shared’ global atmosphere without so much as asking any world citizens or even theyre own countrymen whether this was right or not, if any proof were needed of the ego of nations maybe nuclear testing totals are the ultimate proof of how egotistical a country is ?

whats really going on

Like the binary base or foundation of the digital world, Are not all things in the real or psychological realm safely represented … by a queer alphabet of bundles of energy, whose masses attract, repel, disrupt, expand, contract and whose spin can unwind energy on and off each other, or further increase speed of spin or slow each other down, so as to attain or lose a meta kind of mass, so as to effect and interact within the greater space and all those bodies contained their in it, and within this space are all things that can be said to exist in any scientifically determinable sense occur.

And these energys at some scales, whos possible permutations of interactions so vast and incalculable, though pictures Continue reading

Entertainment overload : The twenty tens dilemna

there used to be a point in history i’m not sure when it was, where it was just about possible to watch all the good films that came out or play all the good games that came out on the platforms one owned, im not sure when exactly in history we transitioned to a point whereby keeping up with these things became impossible, but to be honest it was probably the eighties when that point was passed. Today i can barely keep up with any of this stuff:

Current music :
i have given up with being upto date with the Continue reading

Mick Hucknall admits to having slept with 1000 women at the height of his career

Mick Hucknall admits to having slept with 1000 women at the height of his career ?

Has he just said this to push his ailing star up hill, did we not take enough notice of him recently or something ? is siphilus affecting his mind ?

What a sordid sick little fuck, he must have been, pushing std statistics up by himself with that activity ? or was he just selecting girls that looked healthy and innocent, for one night stands ? even more disgusting in a way.

Imagine all the husbands out there, who might have to think, horrid mick has once had the best of their wives before them ? its a repulsive sexual behavioural pattern to admit to, it should be illegal, if he did do as he himself appears to be claiming ? He could at least have the decency to shut up about it, what must his wife be thinking ? does he really think we want to know what a manwhore he once was ?

Sometimes you also wish that people who were once famous, would at some point bow out gracefully, and dissappear the fuck off from view, with their ill gotten loot and be quiet, because theyre are way too many self centred ex-famous horrid people clogging up british society, we could do with a cull of the plebritys and the I was once famous, theyre killing our news reporting, they will be dead at some point soon, but sadly theyre money and wealth, means they tend to outlive their audiences.

Robinson In Ruins : review

If you like action films with bruce willis in, please … move along … move along, there is nothing for you to read here.

Please bear in mind this review is not made with reference to the first two films in the trilogy and that having seen the third i will now go back and fully view the others, as this film makes me curious as to perhaps the ill appreciated merit of the first two.

Robinson in Ruins ?

for me it was a a cross between a visual complete culpepers herbal, combined with a new form of visual psycho-geography, densely researched and interlinked, the visual Continue reading

GP wages too high ?

perhaps ads like this is why we need 3 times as many qualified, if not working GPs in this country/the world, so we can get their wages from being astronomical and unjust down to reasonable levels ? after all if they were being paid something like 33k a year we could afford 3 x as many of them ? and that would lead to better healthcare overall, being a GP should not be the perceived god like specialism or such a disgusting route to huge wages that it appears to be ?

As a person who does a good job at their profession who earns 16k per annum such as myself, and suffers at the hands of an NHS GP surgery system that seems to make these GP’s inordinately rich ? whilst theyre not providing a quality of care for the majority of patients that is of any scientific reasonable merit, or of much practical use to patients ? I really dont see why currently GP’s are paid so much, except by sheer undersupply ?

and thank god there are some moral born people in the world like Mark Jopling who though part of the privilieged set is prepared to speak out about the inequity of the system :

is this phrase subtle multi ethnicity propaganda ?

“The population in XXXXXXXXX is changing all the time and we want to ensure . . . . ”

the opening line of a letter sent to me by the local health authority, so they can write me off from their responsibility if I dont respond, by hoping to imagine ive moved out of their responsibility ? and been replaced by some somalis or something, not too far from the truth, but no “I’m still here !” fuckers so you still have to take responsibility for me from a health perspective not that your succeding at that, your practically and to most purposes useless from my perspective, over paying asian GP’s too much money, to provide usefull care to the few obvious patients, and seeing too many patients in general to provide any decent level of care, is pointless.

what the are they trying to intimate that the “english population” is being changed for some other population all the time ? or just that the english are moving around so much they find it dizzying keeping track of them ?

note also they seem to spend tax money printing their communications in about 50 different languages, which really fucks me off, as a complete waste of tax money again, european courts probably have dictated this, as far im concerned if youve be given the privilege and right as far as I see it to live in this country “england”, the smallest concession you can fucking well make to your new host culture, is to learn the bloody language and operate in it. And if you cant be bothered to do that then please take my offer of >: fucking off, to wherever you may feel more comfortable, as you are personally partly responsible for wasting my tax money to print literature in your language, and your denuding my cultural heritage by damaging the operating status of its language within its bounds, and personally because of this I do not welcome you in my country , if thats clear enough for you ?

waste creation encouragement propoganda must be stamped out

waste creation encouragement

agreed you cant turn a bad laser into a good one, but the thing that is wrong with this video, is the propaganda you promote of taking an object breaking it & throwing into a bin, some people perceive that “bins” are the only places in the world than can make matter disappear ? whereas whatever you thrown into a bin has to pollute somewhere, truth is if you recycled it fair enough, don’t encourage anyone to throw stuff away encourage them to sell to a person who would get some use from it OR recycle it, what you toss into a bin today may well end up in the ocean for the next 200 years, what is archaeology than the study of litter ? and plastic is the worst don’t encourage people to throw away plastic ! sorry to green meanie but you get the idea.