The truth about the ZX81

Not the first computer I had access to or used that honour would fall to an apple II, but the ZX81 was the first computer I got to own and share with my brother in 1981, we could never afford the RAM pack, as it was a one off gift and the parents would not stretch the monetary input to the ram pack, to be honest I should have written a game or two in basic for the 1k and sold them, as 15-20 lines of basic didnt take long to right, and If I had sold 10 cassettes I could have bought the ram pack, 2nd tape deck to copy with would have been an issue. the ZX81 was an absolutely minimal computer, in fact i would say Clive Sinclair manufactured the ZX81 down to its retail price, full well knowing that most people would have to buy a ram expansion and a better keyboard (which was awful) to make any decent use of this machine long term, as the Z80 was a capable processor, perhaps, more so, than the paired down 6502, but with 1k of memory the machine was really a stopgap or placeholder for machines that would rapidly succeed it. my next computer was the incomparably powerful disc based CPC6128. but the ZX81 built the computer market in the UK on the basis of making machines cheap enough for everyone to afford, such that demand for upgrades and newer machines became part of the general desire of the public. before the ZX81 your average person had no concept of affording a computer. The BBC model B was mainly an education machine and far too expensive except for middle class to upper class rich people almost all computers at this point would have been £300 and up, the ZX81 brought that down to £79.00 and you could get deals such as a ZX81, tape deck and a couple of games all in for £99.00, this was unheard of at the time hence its success, in getting its computing foot through the door of the ordinary folks homes. but it was never going to replace or compete with the atari 2600 console on the gaming front. but it was certainly unlike an atari, was just capable of being described as a fully fledged computer, when you first got this computer out the box, unless your parents were relaxed enough to get you an additionally expensive £5.00 cassette game or two to go with it, the only thing you could do with it was start programming in basic as that was the only software built in to the computer, or type in a listing, both such activities would of course enhance your understanding of writing code, kids today could do with such limited machines in order to draw them into basic code writing. But the lure of the console today is too easy with its vast galaxy of distraction, from the rigour required to code your first inevitably small achievements when learning to code for the first time.

Television versus Youtube or online TV

I choose online video and often youtube 90% of the time, apart from the BBC’s more mentally stimulating output why ?

(1) The sheer quantity of adverts in broadcast tv has become largely insufferable, there is allot less adverts online than on broadcast television
(2) The nature of digital online TV being on demand rather than push tv, is a much stronger draw i watch it when I want it
(3) Choosing what I want to watch and when means Beneficially Im not strapped to the schlock that happens to be on at nearly all times and vast array of trashy broadcast channels.

how these facts alone dont spell the doom of broadcast television I’ve no Idea.

UKIP the only real solution to UK immigration, to reframe and cap masstricht and return sovereignty and self determinism to the UK

UKIP the only real solution to UK immigration, to reframe and cap masstricht and return sovereignty, self determinism and democracy to the UK.

Maastricht treaty the ultimate crime

Mario Monti: ‘I convinced Thatcher that the Maastricht Treaty was a good idea’

see the article here

proof if any were needed, that margaret thatcher was a total idiot, that flushed our border controls and sovereignty down the toilet on the recommendation of an italian idiot. I mean he may not be as criminal as silvio, but he one of that internationally educated class of economic idiots who sucked on the cock of Milton Friedman, mario is an ideolog for the free one market global capitalist ideals that have been proven to have terrible consequences for those who already struggle in cultures around the world, check out chile if you want a lesson in free market economics and the results.

if you engineer due to your personal ideology the dissolution of your own countries borders and sovereign power without consulting the populous democratically, you are basically a traitor to your country, and should be treated as such.

What bank should you have your money with in the UK ?

One who only has two set sets of interests to work for >

1: The Depositors not shareholders or traders interests

2: and the interests of the culture in which they operate ie not trading against the interests country they operate in.

ie a building society where the depositors, are the shareholders and any profits to be had by the trading arm are shared by all where a small level of sensible distributed risk is taken with my deposit and in return interest is paid on my account on the basis of profit share from trading to all depositors. Its not really complex is it. you know how all building societies used to be, before they were all bought up and despoiled by the majors for their own advantage.

The BBC now asks the “Cheeky Girls” for their opinion on immigration rather than presenting a natives viewpoint

The unending failure of the BBC to represent the native british persons viewpoint, which surely is a failure of remit considering its the ‘British broadcasting corporation’, they are just a filthy propaganda machine for immigration multiculturalism and european liberal wealthy ideology’s, certainly that has been the ratchet effect of propaganda based enforced representation.

bbc propaganda page here

This is one of the most insulting and crass videos created by the BBC, allowing foreign people living in our midst to promote the idea that the british people are lazy and foreign people aren’t, which is why we should always bend over and and allow them to over-run our cultural borders. The BBC is a criminal organisation, committing organised crime against a culture by promoting the segregative multi-culturalist ideology of a minority liberal wealthy power class against another much more dis-enfranchised majority.

Here is the wisdom of a cheeky girl paraphrased by the BBC !

British newspapers have portrayed her fellow Romanians as “lazy workshy people” the Cheeky Girl singer Monica Irimia said in her This Week film on immigration.

She thinks the UK benefits system made it “too easy for some” and the government should do more to encourage people to work.

But the singer said the blame should not be put on immigrants legally claiming what they are entitled to, as she recalled how her record company went under and how she could have lived off benefits in Britain.

She said the prime minister could freeze benefits, but he must not close the door on immigration from the EU. Restrictions stopping Bulgarians and Romanians working in UK are set to be lifted next year.

WTF WTF who the fuck is she to be pontificating about what should be done !!!!!!!

The BBC takes no comment on the post as usual for fear of the publics opinion, as it like to censor opposing or descenting views by not representing them or allowing them airtime in the cultural imagination.

The media the government and industry have exhibited no ability over the last 40 years to preserve or represent the rights of native people to self determinism or true democracy, they have never cared for or asked for the opinion of the native man on the question of immigration in fact they deliberately set off down a road as fast as possible that revolved around ignoring the common mans opinion of this matter, as though in some liberal paternalistic way they knew better, this behaviour as always wreaks of ego and that of the gambler who having made a bad bet rather than learning from it and facing their failure, repeatedly doubles up, continuing with false faith in their erroneous gamble. and in attempt to bolster their own views whenever there is clear evidence that this decision was not beneficial they have attempted to ignore such evidence and turn all the harder full speed for their ideological agenda. This price of this blindness has has been to erode our cultural identity at every turn by the idealogical agenda of the international liberal set, ideology whose net result in practice has always been to shit on the vocal opinion of the native class of poor who cannot represent themselves potently within their own culture power and control structure as they are generally ignored. Politics … like the banks and the media are currently morally, intellectually and culturally bankrupt.

Companies making money from out of copyright music ?

Companies making money from out of copyright music ?

since musical recording copyright should last 50 years ?

how come someone is still making money and charging for their music on itunes ? I guess the itunes stuff is a just for your convenience type scenario.

so actually nearly all the inkspots can be downloaded for free from the internet archive, because they are out of copyright, and plenty of other great out of copyright music, if your dying and you dont wish anyone to benefit financially from your music you can of course pass it all into the public domain.

ex58 ud3r overclocking overclock method that worked for me 4.2ghz

QPI inverse scaling, and final ghz acheived
edit note > make sure you case is well ventilated ie no heat build up overtime inside case and you have the best cooler you can afford mine was a megahalems for this guide.
hmm, ive got to be honest and say that to prove absolutely tangible evidence of inverse core temps with higher QPI would be pretty arduous, and im thinking perhaps i should now take a break from OC testing and install some stuff, especially as the volts various i7’s are happy with seem to vary allot, so im guessing proving it will have to wait until ive got the time, to run some very scientific tests. but certainly the message from all my experimentation seems to be certainly for my setup that when QPI/VTT is AUTO set, i seem to be able to get to the higher speeds with much less trouble, as I’m currently stable at 4.2ghz im probably going to stop there, i’m writing this running prime quite happily at 4.2ghz full load for the last 2hrs, and she passed IBT (Intel Burn Test) on maximum for 3 passes without being above 82c on any core, I’d say IBT is the only stress test that can properly test stability to its extreme over the short term (5-10 mins) and that prime95 serves only for long term stability testing(hours, days etc), under prime95 blend at 4.2ghz its not going over 78c max on any core, PCH 32c and CPU 56c wierdly with this all my settings are auto ! apart from QPI PLL set to 1.28v (stock 1.1v) and CPU PLL set to 1.88v(stock 1.8v), one thing that worries me is now and again hardware monitor records a minimum cpu fan speed of 0rpm for a second or something, but this is another issue im sure this must be a software glitch but im going to check over everything, full fan spin downs seems to be 15 x longer than this 0rpm glitch appears for as I only see it ont he minimum column of hardware monitor and never catch it in the value column itself, so i think im ok eek. apart from the QPI pll and CPU pll being manual
this is what the bios is choosing to use volts wise for the other AUTO settings :

so settings in resume for me are :

bclock 200mhz and cpu multi 20x (turbo enhance enabled which pushes to 21x ie 4.2ghz stable)
this setting above might be whats making 4.2ghz a doddle on my machine ? as 4.2ghz starting with a 21x multi seemd much harder to acheive stable style.
also EIST is currently disabled not sure this is helping will turn it on at some point, so CPU-z reports my processor as running at 4200mhz constant as turbo seems to be permanently on in this scenario ?
Hyper threading is off (i figure iwas pushing my luck with HT at 4.2ghz on air ? another time ill test though i dont think HT is worth the temp increase it yields compared to higher OC.
QPI multi is 36 x
so QPI seems very happy at 7.2ghz
on the ex58-ud3r bios Performance enhance is set to extreme ?
auto sets CPU vcore to 1.4v in bios but in software ranges from 1.360v to 1.380v (stock vcore1.2875)
load line calibration is on, CPU-Z observed under full prime95 load it seems to run at 1.36v constant.
auto QPI/vtt is ending up at 1.515 (stock QPI/VTT 1.175)
auto set IOH core to 1.3v (stock 1.1v)
auto sets ICH I/O to 1.5v (stock 1.5v)
auto sets ICH core to 1.1v (stock 1.1v)
auto sets DRAM volts to 1.6v with my ram set at 1200mhz and 6.0 spd
auto sets PCIE to 1.5v
manual QPI PLL 1.28v (stock 1.1v)
Manual CPU PLL 1.88v (stock1.8v)
nb if pushing RAM to 2000mhz dram v goes upto to 1.7v but at 4.2ghz im running memory at a 6x SPD at 1200mhz this helps allot ?

all these auto volts settings were viewed/discovered with gigabyte easytune6 booted in windows ? so im guessing since this a gigabyte motherboard

theyre very accurate ? I know auto OC settings for everything other than QPI PLL and CPU PLL goes against all the grain of OCing law ? but my setup when set like this seems more stable than any other way, I have set it up, and it would be interesting to see if some people who had problems with 4ghz and above could try the same approach and see whether it worked for them. obviously you do this at your own risk, and most in the OC community would say that QPI should never be as high as 1.515v, ie 1.35v max for QPI/VTT ?, and they might be right as im willing to risk it on the basis im prepared to risk the effects as 77c max and the fact that auto set QPI/VTT when running 1600mhz and 2000mhz ram at stock CPU 2.66ghz speeds always seems to be 1.5v for me anyway : so can it be so wrong ? but see what your board auto sets QPI/VTT to when you run 4ghz and above or with memory at 1600mhz and above ? and reply to this thread post with your discoveries as i would love to know ? youll need easytune6 to view these auto volts settings from windows so im guessing only people with gigabyte boards will be able to do this ?

my MB is a EX58-UD3R v1.6 bios FG (listed wrongly as 1.0 earlier in thread)

Im going to upgrade the bios soon im hoping it doesnt throw all my settings out otherwise ill have to retrograde the bios, as these setting took too long to find for me perosnally to lose them for a BIOS update, but hopefully the BIOS update wont change the functionality of any of these Auto v settings.

I also decided to underclock the RAM ? as this seems to make it more stable at 4.2ghz I run my stock 1600mhz ram at only 1200Mhz ie the minimum 6 x SPD ram multiplier with a 21x cpu multi at bclock 200mhz, as this seemed to work for me perhaps its a trade off, between running the ram high or running the CPU 4.0ghz and above as at the moment i cant work out how to get both, as the major cause of instability for me seems related to syncing high mhz memory with the bclock set high enough to get 4ghz and up and when I do push higher with ram speed the auto set QPI/VTT seems to go higher still upto 1.55v ? but this doesn’t seem more stable at this point.

so a recommendation from this memory experience would be if 4ghz and higher is proving difficult for you, clock your ram lower it should help, though i wouldnt go below 1066 mhz as this would be a bit nuts.

also if 4.2ghz is proving difficult try a 20 x CPU multi with bclock 200 with turbo enhance on (and possibly eist off ? maybe speedstepping frequencys at 4.2ghz and down is more difficult for the CPU to handle the v fluctuations successfully ? but this is just what mine happens to be and works i have not tested whether speedstep is causing issues)

now that ive come to the end of OC’ing my i7 for a little bit 4.2ghz is more than i could of expected, i must say its been an interesting experience, thanks for all the help in getting to this point, and I hope this post proves usefull to someone in getting 4ghz and up.

improvements to test

I will report back once ive turned speedstep back on to determine whether that creates any instability issues, if not ill probably have that on as running constant at 4.2ghz seems a bit energy ineffecient though idle cores range between 40-46 after 3 hours on.

my next step might be to set these auto settings manually and see how stable it is with them set manually, and perhaps to then push lowering vcore to try and prove this inverse theory ? but at the moment I dont have time to go this far.
Wierdly with these auto settings all set manually i thought it seemed less stable which I cant really explain ? the reason why i decided to manually set QPI PLL and CPU PLL is they seemed to be the two settings that auto didnt raise in any way ? as i went higher with the bclock, and this is only a theorisation but since it seemed to handle raising all the other values well by itself, that perhaps these apparently static values on auto were getting out of sync with the rest, so i reasoned to raise them up, and this seems to help with stabilisation for me.

I do wish there was some totally clear scientific explanation of how all these volts settings inter-relate with each other and what ratios need to be preserved for stability, but i guess only the Intel i7

engineer who overclocked his own PC could tell us ? I wonder what speed he’s running at and what he understands about the i7 that the wider community doesnt ?

cheers to all at Techreaction

the irksomeness of having to deal with female genital mutilation within our cultural borders

It would be nice not to have to deal with these problems in our country in the first place or have to even consider FGM, Oh I forgot there is a simple solution its called not allowing these people to enter the country in the first place to devolve and distract our culture from more important things, than concentrating on trying to solve a genital mutilation problem we never had to deal with before importing backward peoples ! but of course that would involve having border controls that weren’t porous like a sponge because of Europe’s insanity, or having some liberal enforced agenda of immigration and multiculturalism under some vague guise that nativity in itself must be racist if your white or western.

and why do we show pictures od distressed white children in this article, is it because were too feared to label the practice with imagery of african immigrants ?