camera ccd over exposure sun clipping is nbiru apparently ?

not all cameras demonstrate black clipping like that, quite a few do, no the dot would not move with the CCD, as it doesnt function in the same as your retina in terms looking at the sun, as when you a temporarily ghost exposure spot on your retina in the eye as you look around the afterimage appears where you look next, the black clipped area you are seeing is one tone of purest white pixel area which electrically is far out of range with the rest of the image from an electrical exposure perspective. and the automatic exposure system on the computer cannot shut the aperture down small enough to marry this bright spot up exposure wise with the rest of the image because it is so out of range signal wise in comparison.

some cameras quirky response to this problem is to invert this bright area and portray it as black, perhaps as a warning to the user that you are pointing the camera at a source of light so bright that is out of range of the exposure system completely, prolonged exposure to the direct sun could damage the ccd, but generally the ccd can completely recover as long as it is only temporary exposure, hence why you see no after exposure image burnt onto the ccd when you point at some other view.

imagine that a ccd is a grid array of solar cell buckets with colour filters on top and that each bucket detects a certain quantity of light filling it up with an electrical response, when you point it at the sun the ccd cannot handle the size of the electrical response received in the bucket, and hence the cameras processing system actually inverts the signal in that area to highlight the massive overexposure at that spot due to the sources extreme luminance.

that fact that your centre is not pure black is the only troubling part and that some reddish element animates within it, to be honest I think it looks faked, but some cameras exposure systems can clip an over exposed area as black.

having said the moving red parts make it look fake. I now think the the animated red areas within the black could be cloud obscuring the pure black ie the signal is not fully overloaded in that area, a ccd engineer and digital camera designer could give you a more accurate technical explanation.

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