Broadband upload slow in just South Africa ?

Broadband upload slow in just South Africa ? more like by design and everywhere

BBC not being clear about broadband upload speeds representation, UK is just as bad as Africa in this case :

Dont think that this is poor south africa not having fast speeds, In the uk with a person having a 40kbps (40k per second) upload speed in London, which is pretty standard on a good connection, it would take roughly 27 hours to send the same 4gb of data. So as you can see this is not just a South African problem. This is to do with broadband connections being massively assymetric, big fat bandwidth down and very skinny up, which means sending or serving data to others, is very slow in comparison to downloading information, This asymmetry is beneficial for most people who like to download lots of data and for providers in that it means home computers are generally unable to act like servers on the internet, and as such we have to pay for a whole class of services including servers etc. which if we had much faster symmetric SDSL we wouldn’t need too, Im guessing now that download connection have increased to a theoretical 24mbit in some areas, we may seem more services like Bethere beginning to offer better upload speeds for connections. Though even there Be Pro 250k (2.5mbit) per second upload speed package, Couldn’t serve much data to many users before failing to deliver, as 250k per second upload speed is still very little bandwidth from a web serving perspective. Even in the unlikely event of obtaining this optimal upload speed of 250k per second, the best currently offered on any home broadband package, the 4gb file, would still take roughly 4.44 hours to send.

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