Britain – pre it’s descent

1939 Britain in colour

A Harmonious Britain apart from the wealth divide, Britain before the democratic self determinism of the native was irrevocably distorted by a ego’d ideologically driven minority, which altered that harmony – at the expense of the conditions and voice of a majority. A View of the last summer before we spent so many british lives defending the rights of so many countries to their own ‘national’ identities & self determinism. Which for some unfathomable reason post war, has led to a fascist liberal ideology being driven forward at all costs leading to the fatal blow of the maastricht treaty. To create what ? some form artificial slave-ment of this once fair isle to another form of german led hegemony, government and the word public now so weak its may as well be private owned, and govt debt defrauding the pretence of democracy – Heinous – and now as with allot of british history we must make a fist of the mess that has been created by others and carry on back to some form of distorted unity.

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