bbc be more representative of the native person

the lack of comment and ability to give some public feedback about issues/articles raised, feels like a kind of censure, but then you always have feared the public views being known, because you have your own specific agenda. well perhaps if comments are pointless due to quantity, how about a system of polls, with multiple choice answers alongside the articles ?

ie should there be greater international pressure on Isreal to stop throttling its neighbour gaza to death, an turning the native palestinians into a minority population within a greater state of Isreal.

• yes
• no
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we need more democracy not less in this country, and the role of the media should be to help facilitate this concept, not silence the voice of the majority so that highly vocal powerfull overly pc minority groups rule, through some form of enforced supposedly positive discrimination, in which journalists or upper class politicos mediate the opinion and set the agenda for the rest of us.

just so you know where im coming from perspective wise.

im an overly educated straight single native white male aged 38 living in north london i would classify myself as a moral eccentric lower middle class person of the never claiming benefits in his adult life variety, never voted, who at this rate will never be able afford a house in his country of birth, in the media i’m probably one of the least represented groups, if you disregard the crass sport entertainments designed to pacify the male masses. And this is all because of the agenda youve been setting as regards immigration, minority and sexual group representation in this country over the last 40 years, this culture is more fractured and divided than it has ever been in the last 60 years. and the media is equally complicit with the government, for the state this country is in, due to this multicultural experiment you promotedly rammed down the populous’s throat over the last 40 years, life and culture maybe acceptable for dual income media idiots earning 40k a year, but thats because the real divide …… money and the im all right jack in my little house owning castle and the comforts it provides, but trust me I just see myself getting slow motion genocided by a culture that has forgotten the idea that there is such a thing as national identity for british people or even a such a thing as a native population, we would not have survived the last world war without belief in national identity, and yet at the same time the post war agenda seemed to be to work to destroy that said identity to prevent war or some other lame unfounded belief.

bloody well try harder to imagine from the perspective of what it is like to earn less than 18k a year and try to actually survive in this capital when you write anything, whilst being washed away by a tide of aggressive immigrants who through know fault of their own, instinct to thrive, and whose desire is to be better grist to the international business paymaster corporate mills, are trying to wash some of the gentle civility out of our culture by wearing our ammicabilty and cultural identity too thin.

I would prefer less economy less money and more cultural identity. for the poor who dont have money anyway, it is their only real posession, belief in their identity.

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