Apple removed pages ?

I presume this

    link below

has been removed on some request ?

Even waybackmachine which had three snapshots no longer has the page in any form ;(

Apple don’t seem to like to hand out useful information to users or non cert techs, im looking to create fully updated universal booting non machine specific install image iso’s for all compatible machines of OS’s between 10.6.8 to 10.9.2 etc for tech support work to save me wasting mine and my clients time without unnecessary download and updates cycles etc. Apple doesn’t seem to offer any such useful images easily available ?

I will get into instadmg when I have the time as it seems a good way forward.

Q1) Am I gonna have to pay some certification/enrolment fees to apple to get access to relevant downloads and info ? also anyone no where apple has list of install build numbers and and there descriptions ?

Q2) I have two lion install images both 10.7.4, saved from downloaded installers one is equivalent dual layer – 8.59GB the other other is – 4.7GB single layer, does the dual layer 8.59GB contain any extra hardware support/information/drivers/is it universal boot ? is it me or does apple not create/release final point update install images ie say 10.6.8 install images etc ?

cheers for any relevant replys or useful info (xyzzy)

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