apple computer reliability

To be honest I think you can say fairer than that, and that would be to manufacture more reliable computers in the first place? the only things that should be going wrong with any modern computers is the parts that move, ie mechanical hard drives and optical drives – if you still have one. Everything else should be solid as a rock for at least 5 years ? … the issue isn’t for me, if they repair it for free or not, as to be honest your consumer rights exceed the miserable 1 year warranty offered. Its the absolute inconvenience when running a business of backing it up, taking it in to the store, only being allowed to return one machine per appointment ? being without it for a week, and if needed finding and putting temporary replacement machines in place and moving data and settings to another machine temporarily to counter for the disruption collecting the repaired machine – reinstalling it, then switching the temporary machine back and reintegrating the data difference onto the repaired machine, the level of disruption involved in this poor build quality far exceeds even the repairs sometimes, making these premium priced machines pointless from a business perspective, as that level of business disruption is unacceptable. I dont want to buy computers that fail in the ways, most of these machines do. Apple has to get a grip on reliability whether by design or changing manufacturing methods or suppliers, and preferably it has to engineer and design these machines to be much more repairable and upgradeable, as currently the ifixit ratings are woeful, and from a support perspective I would repair the machines more myself to save returning them, if apple had not deliberately made it as hard as possible to repair or upgrade them by their design. I want my mechanical drives replaceable and swappable externally from bays even in the imac.

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