Apple are driving me mad

If this email doesn’t look appropriate for you to deal with and you have no actual power to change anything then please pass it on to someone at apple that has vision and balls enough to listen >

what is all this paint by numbers dumbed down to absurdity, select from the minimal rubbish options we give you ? im beginning to hate almost everything you do and stand for as a company ? if theres a single person with any integrity at apple, you need to get on top of the things you are getting wrong, you seem to be lurching from one awful disaster to another?

This support site is rubbish ? whats wrong with a good old form ? I know you have to pay someone with a brain to read it ? the current support pages are the equivalent of some shiny god awful automated telephone system with call waiting desperately trying route you to some rubbish automated FAQ help system ? I went through the process to arrange a call to my mobile and the system said “we are unable to schedule a call for you. please try again or choose a different solution.” ? It seems today that as a company you have forgotten the “user is king” and youre off on your own trip making everything worse with a huge sense of self congratulatory ego in the process, I’ve been using your gear since the apple II, but the last ten years you seem to have been doing nothing but trying my patience, technology and computers are supposed to aid my life not hinder them, and not to be some closed loop walled garden of a digital retail channel for a company grown very greedy and lazy,

if you ever want some unbiased reals views about supporting and using the products and software apple make, you know my email address, if you carry blindly on the way you are I’m going to have switch to being the opposite of an apple evangelist, and recommend against everything your making, to all the people i know, Ive done allot of promotion of apple over the years but recently you’ve give me nothing to shout about.

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