another year older and what do you/I … get ?

Birthday Address if its good enough for her indoors in the big house :

Another year older and what do you/I … get ?

I get :

a one digit decimal incrementation towards ones “used up by date”. The useful shelf life of an organism, is probably all before an age limit, one increases, the closer its proximity, which isnt exactly a scientific approach.

where is the fat lady about now ?

btw : Yes … I am now really 82 years old, least mentally that is, which means I do have the right, to poo poo everything associated with young people and there tawdry enthusiasm’s for the quick and readily sensorial elements of life… :)

Things I have grown to no longer handle well : futile discussion, normalsea, a lack of floridity, booze, heavily processed or burnt recreational drugs, overpaid in your face sports based culture, smoking, artificial enthusiasm, simplistic entertainments, diversions from cause, politics, average human activity, the presumtion that adult humans in and of themselves are somehow automatically a precious and important commodity, fashion and inflated consumerism, and of course the evil of a lack of individuality, displaced by the group mind and pier pressure, and that horrendous activity of keeping up appearances, and the financial/opportunity divide which is now fracturing our culture into smaller and more segregated groups.

The endless utter reliance on private interests and enterprise, to direct cultural human activity, and the presumption it alone will suffice as a maker of plans or have suffcient vision to direct humanity’s sustainable future. A growing futility to the benefit of expressing anything complex at all, compared to say showing a small child falling over or some other inane home video on etc

Limited mis-spelt american dictionarys being the only ones represeting the definition of english language freely on the web, OED you know your snobberistic paid access is wilfully creating ignorance within our culture.

Things I get some happiness from :

gifting something to someone that may actually give them some evidentially tangible long term pleasure if no longer myself, english culture pre 1950 with an exclusional clause for technological advancements, all forms of eccentricity and the deliberate use of uneccessary but jolly and archaic linguistic precision to sustain the english languages voluminous strengths.

The circular and self maintaining balance that nature quietly displays as an intellectual suggestion : against the general psuedo science and artificially binary short term linearism’s of human/corporate/media/political activity, we project as the currently acceptable mask of science, to with false logic reason for current or previous, vastly compromised human practices or theory’s being somehow by this logic, an acceptable compromise.

Everything humans do being given an artificially postitive sheen once done, so we can avoid the mental trauma, of having to chalk half of all the decisions made by people in every sphere as being scientifically and accurately logged as appalling or a mistake, whether those decisions be from sleeping with people when drunk to inventing nuclear weapons, in fact some get promotionally gilded by dumb consensus, such that its almost heresy to go against the public grain of opinion whether useful to recognise or not.

you get  ?  probably a person you understand less.

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