Gardener’s question time racist – codswallop – the invasive liberal mindset tries to dominate the cultural viewpoint and accuse racism everywhere

Stating what is / was and is not native flora and fauna – its not racist – it’s a straight forward scientific fact, and those liberals who have an issue with it – should examine there own thinking. I personally do not agree with invasive species they damage the environment that was once balanced and in harmony is no longer, If I had the power to I would destroy all grey squirrels, green parrots, signal crayfish, japanese knotweed, harlequin ladybirds etc etc etc … I would. And our policy on this should be to encourage people to remove and kill these invasive species where they find them in the wild, and greater restrictions should be placed on people importing such pests into our natural environment, and further damaging the native species where possible.

“Nationalism is about shoring up a fantasy of national integrity” so I guess India is still largely populated with indians same with China – my god what racists they are – how dare they ? Its not a fantasy … its a reality for many ‘harmonious’ nations, the truth is the immigrant man only feels secure once he has subverted and chained the self determinism and democracy of the native, to an extent that he feels comfortable as an immigrant. Ask the fijians how close it came to the indian minority we left there at end of empire, completely taking over and subverting the fijian natives self determinism and democratic process? this isn’t fascist belief, we fought the second world war to defend each cultures right in Europe, to its own “cultural self determinism” and not to be subverted by a german immigrant overlords. Cultures should not yield to those who join, those who join should yield to the culture they’re joining – that is sense.

3km buffer zone is effectively stealing 50% of the open air prizon called gaza ?

BBC no Im not not In either place – but as per usual no comments allowed on the article – censorship of the publics views ? why because your out of alignment with the public at every turn, Israel is feeling the heat of international condemnation, so as per Usual it got the last few punches in against the defenceless, before stopping on its own terms. I wonder why there are tunnels ? hmm maybe because gaza is an open prison with no access the sea notice there is a border on the beach ? Oh and notice that now a new border is being drawn that hems the population closer to the sea and takes nigh on 50% of the land area of gaza for its own control ? basically the victim becomes the bully … this is genocide. THe Israel state is a country founded in a fascist purely for one religious groups benefit, on the basis of their fictional book on someone else’s land ?