excorcism re immigration

Over the last 50 years theres has been far too excessive levels of immigration into this culture especially the major urban citys, its been a class war between a liberal wealthy power elite visiting immigration and its effects on the struggling classes against their will, ignoring the democratic will of the common man, there has always been some level of immigration, but never in the history of this british culture has it run so unfettered or for so long, and no you cannot class the Norman / Roman / Saxon / Viking invasions as periods of immigration as blood was spilt in defence and the intent of the invader was at least honestly declared by sword. As for Candi stating “Who cares if there is no bloody white faces” I assure you theres many natives that do, and its an attitude like that which means you could never be a native as you appear not to defend the tribe you suppose yourself to belong to, citizenship has been given away like confetti by a class of I’m alright jack overtly PC middle to upper class liberalists looking for more compliant labour for the investor economy that benefits them, These Liberal views could almost be classed as fascist in their zealotry, who take no alternate views on immigration into account – other than their own – whilst brandishing anyone whose views don’t align with theirs as racist. Either the native poor English people in london will die out with a whimper and the capital will be ceded(pretty much the case already just not vocalised by a government fearful of unrest), or worse times are ahead, as differentials in birth rates are compounding the issue. Sadly the immigrant EU or Non EU appears only to be concerned with their own hopes and desires in an Ayn Rand’ian sense, and does not have enough sensitivity of nature to see the negative impact of there arrival here on the unity and stability of native culture & community, otherwise they might think twice about coming, From a london viewpoint the UK is already fragile and fractured beyond recognition. Most people in london live in a highly isolated sense, keeping themselves to themselves, there is very little wider sense of community, british natives would not even be allowed to start a community centre of their own, compared to all the other immigrant minority groups that pass for “community” in the London of today. British cultural erosion through immigration appears to be a one way ratchet written at the expense of the struggling native.