Haswell Quad core stagnation

intel’s subconsciously projected view of their users needs is “our quad core power is all you’ve needed for the last 5 years” which is why its stayed roughly in the same range for 5 years. most of their “designed in power increases” are subsumed and overtaken by overclocking the right CPU harder.

at same clocks haswell is proving 5-15% more than ivy … at most, the majority of the transistor count increase has gone into the iGPU which doesn’t much interest LGA socket users with discrete cards. quad core processor power hasn’t improved massively over the last 5 years, unless your OC’ing to 5ghz on an i5 2500k. Haswell & Ivy due to IHS issues won’t reach the speeds of an i5 2500k & have high core temp variability when OCed hard. little epeen to be had from haswell except energy savings.