Apple Stores : My Thought’s

Sadly I doubt Apple will ever evolve and move beyond using another ad agency other than “chiat day”. Who seem to be completely culturally insensitive and un-adaptable, when it comes to representing any culture other than american culture ie internationally they promote a version of state enforced multicultural representative imagery, ie the paint by numbers, one of every race american style representation, chiat day love to sell that everywhere regardless of cultural difference. And Apples employment bible seems to follow that chiat day agenda rather than an actual meritocracy. Apparently apple also think that wearing a t-shirt, makes you a genius and enforced corporate style enforced american whooooping ideology like a good corporate drone, team talks in the morning, is also being sensitive and adaptive to different cultural mores of their various employees globally ? yeah … thats really re-inforcing the idea of the individual and thinking different ? to me walking into an apple store reeks of a saccharine enforced smiley american cult – some kind of shiny orwellian surface level consumer nightmare, a kind of boutique overpriced, american Mc’donalds style computer store, for the mass herds of people who are sold tech with the same marketing tools, that substance-less fashion house brands use.