it appears everything is for sale in britain to the foreign investor

chinese eye up northern property

This isn’t positive news except for those who own property, and have some stake in ever increasing prices and hopes of downsizing in the future and being quids in financially, this is just more wealthy international foreign overlords buying up the resource of lands and houses in this small island, for the sake of their own financial reward, everything is for sale here in the UK, and best of all they pay no capital gains as foreign investors upon sale, they’re better off than the native buyer.

celebritys failure to save us from themselves and retire

please leave the public view, and do not darken our imaginations again, celebrity is eroding our cultural fibre and the musical prostitutes that are these fame monkeys, want to go on forever and ever and ever, and just refuse to gracefully disappear from view, christ a human being is a vain inglorious and useless thing. me

A school with no english pupils and none whose first language is english

complete government failure over the last 50 years to curb immigration is leading to the removal of native british people from their own culture

And who said the process of invasion hasn’t gone too far ? (sorry immigration) christ its not too do with if your children are academically competitive, whether you try hard etc we under utilise even the average workers intelligence in the uk we dont need intelligence, because we dont have an economy geared to provide it with opportunities or a challenge, what we can offer people in the uk is the smallest dwellings in europe, the longest work hours the highest stress, and increasingly the least culturally cohesive culture in europe, why should the majority even struggle to garner the share of meagre over priced resource available in our culture when even being a millionaire in london is liable to buy you no more than a pokey highly pimped 3 bed flat ? a passport may in the eyes of the government make you technically british, but no lazy burocrat’s pen or stamp can ever make you culturally english at a stroke, perhaps you perceive your economic contribution to be greater ? and that is all the british native is concerned over and garners you a right to remain or if your happier to work for less, live in worse conditions and temporarily provide cheap labour, before inevitably aiming to shove your spawn up the class hierarchy, these corporate entity beneficial qualities in the end ultimately dilute the further the minimum standard of civility and living conditions for those natives near the bottom who struggle, it is necessary for hard limits to be put on immigration just to maintain a sense of unity and a sense of cultural identity within a culture, I personally value cultural identity beyond pure economy & money, its to do with the idea that natives anywhere in the world are not substitutable and completely replaceable in a governments imagination at every turn for cheaper foreign labour or more competitively aggressive individuals from elsewhere.

28 teaching assistants ! wow that sounds like a costly tax expense to accomodate the language differences or are they unpaid volunteers ? its cheaper for us all to speak the same language, the language of this culture … you know … english.