Email to the prime minister – re house price speculation

I can understand that the Prime Minister being a family man & a houseowner, thinks probably the base rates being held artificially ridiculously low until 2015-2016 is wonderful news that saves and protects families ? But in reality Non Houseowners and the Young are being forced to pay the price of the fiscally imprudent agressively greedy older generations property speculation game. The previous Governments lack of regulation on the finance sector, clearly created a surfit of cheap credit, enabling a horrific house price speculatory bubble, if interest rates and quantitative easing stay on the same path you are destroying the deposits of the young to get into property, stagnating savings, investment & devaluing currency, just so you can uphold property speculators house prices ? its one thing to want to protect the single home owner, but how are you going to curb & chastise the greed mentality behind the multiple property speculator class ? at whose behest the economy must stagnate ?

TX-P42C3B 42″ panasonic viera – why Freeview Hd on a panel not capable of it ?

Why put a Freeview HD 1080p capable tuner inside a screen
not even fully capable of 720p resolution ? least horizontally ?
ie only capable of 1,024 (W) x 768 (H) pixels.
I mean I know I think big companies are run by idiots but isnt this definitive proof ? The only way this could be excused is if it was somehow recreating the lost Vertical spatial resolution through successfull temporal interlacing with its 600hz ? which I doubt is whats occurring ? I guess the good reviews are down to people not caring or not understanding the meaning of the specs

Football is a waste of human existence

Football is a waste of human existence, its a physics lesson but after that … its done. I personally dont care which overpaid male model kicks what into where, who won what what the score is, Football is like a soap opera, it has no reason to end whilst someone is making money out of it, its a fictional drama, you only come to care about, through exposure and rememberance, just dont ever watch it and it I promise it will never draw you in.

The Secret History of Our Streets

The Secret History of Our Streets

A Clear portrayal of class warfare, where middle class councillors and upper class prick acolyte modernist architects, destroyed entire communitys of lower class british people effectively wiping them out with grand ideological egotistical modernist plans, killing the opportunities of their members, destroying their localitys and communitys and replacing them with poverty and foreign people en masse …

An Ethnic Cleansing of the native lower classes of london, and the pricks who did it and their familys still live comfortably in detatched houses somewhere else, may they rot in hell for their crime.

The flats they were forceably moved into are worth around £170,00 maybe they houses they lived in done up would be worth £700,000, its a plain case of theft, and they would have retained freehold and land rights in london, it was obviously a crime, and was always going to be a crime. They refused to live in the flats so they imported foreign people to live in them, to make theyre schemes look a success, who were prepared to accept the flats, ethnic cleansing mission completed.

The government never admits to its mistakes and crimes, and can never in any useful way apologise or makes amends for its crimes to the native people whom it destroyed. The people who lived in those streets were targeted victims of class warfare, and this a story told all over poor London. And the damage still percolates on through time and the native communitys in london if there are any left ?

fiat money

Agreed fiat currencys are very much in trouble, and the too big to fail mantra, has enabled ludicrous risk taking on that presumption and that risk was deliberately distributed by the global marketplace meaning fundamentally that no place is unnaffected by this cancerous fiscal imprudence, and japans zombie economy now seems to be the increasingly entrenched model for most of the worlds developed economies adn governments, theres a fundamental problem of a lack of credibility in the monetary system and this isnt going to magically dissappear, people say thats its just a recession and some of the more cynical say its a depression.

I think it would be clearer to state that the current problem is more like the inflationary, low interest rate economic stimulus dogma of the last 60 years is now losing its traction to work in any sense to solve the current failing of the monetary system, the concept and philosophical possible belief in money has been so eroded by a class of “at all costs personal wealth seekers” who had the responsibility of looking after currency credibility, they have effectively hollowed out money from the inside by pumping out and proftably providing unheard of levels of debt through the creating of vast quantitys of digital debt, this attack on the meaning of money has led to vast speculative property booms and the hidden devaluing of money itself, as meaning that most currencys are probably worth a 3rd of their printed value by my calculations, and you may say where has this value gone, one way in which it has dissappeared is in debt growth and house price rises and pressure on resources due to a limited environment, here in the uk and in many countries around the world were beginning to see cultures where if your below 40 and dont currently own a house you are are becoming increasingly unlikely to ever own one without the bank of family or community help.

I worry about your suggestion that gold is the answer, because ultimately you cant eat it, and being that you work for RT and that the russian central banks are buying gold like nobody’s business, and in a true monetary collapse, unmortgaged land and housing is the ultimate asset as it can at east provide you with a survival.