linguistic cultural invasion

Charlie couldn’t agree more

Some from the perceived fool sometimes comes wisdom … the linguistic invasion of the words pimp and pimping is to accomodate those who are your populational replacements in the good ol USA, and sadly your country has exported this word to the rest of the world, moral degradation abounds, and the linguistic front of this invasion is the prelude to the actual softening of the morals remaining in america. There are many other words I could mention that america has made commonplace through global media & cultural exports
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someone commented to the above video to state > “Pimping” is to build something! “Pimp my ride” means to make it look awesome. You are dumb!

hopefully in todays language that is what it NOW means ? but note we have taken a word whose origin lies in an immoral act of one sociopathic person denigrating another human being for profit and now we have re-used that as a word to represent something good in our culture ? what does that say about our society ?

and which cultural groups … society in america has been trying to accommodate at all costs in the last 40 years ? and which groups now have greater sway over the shared cultural imagination of the youth of the USA ? and thereby to some extent the youth of the world.

par example bitch now mainstream on the bbc ?

celebrity bitch slap bitch invasive american linguistic culture

celebrity bitch slap bitch invasive american linguistic culture