Has Greece basically defaulted at 50p in the pound to the debts it owes ?

effectively Greece has defaulted on its debt ? saying it any other way is just spin ?

basically the banks agreed effectively greece only had to pay them back 50p in the pound to the debts it owed ? becuase the euro taxpayer will reimburse.

that is the kind of arrangement that gets made by bankrupt defaulters, and the idea the banks agreed to this is tosh, the banks have agreed because they know the euro government and its taxpayers will pay for it one way or another, truth is … just like the cat in the hats pink splodge, pushing the debt around doesnt cause it to go away, this is a 1 to 2 year deferment at best. I dont think europe growth will recover by that point.

the greeks will probably still default, meanwhile theyre probably thinking the argentinian model looks good ie default and grow from a total debt struck off scenario.

did the average greek person benefit from this debt being loaned ? probably not ? but now 50% of the debt being written off, wow they have benefited.

Eamonn telling rape victim to take a taxi

The media live in liberal overpaid lala land at our tv licence paid tax expense, thousands of girls every week walk home at night, not because there too stupid to get one, they just dont have the money to pay for a taxi ? taxi or night out it’s a choice ? ever heard of the idea that poverty exposes you to greater danger ? … its real, but we cannot allow fear to rule the day. if you can afford a taxi … use one, if you can afford things … good for you … don’t throw middle class money founded values over everyone, next he’ll be saying if you dont have the money for a taxi, don’t go out ? is this guy an idiot ? Oh yes and we’d all be better of if we lived in nice neighbourhoods too ? perhaps thats our fault for being to poor to live in a nice area ! hes not too bright and he needs to get out of that studio and see the low ebb at which most people live in overcrowded poverty struck england. affording a taxi … is the least of the real dilemmas and limited opportunity’s that face the poor. and taxis arent always safe either …