ethnic minoritys call the “skin card” when they’re trying to gain something, but deny its use in all other negatively attributable situations.

ethnic minoritys call the “skin card” when they’re trying to gain something, but deny its use in all other negatively attributable situations.

what they fail to understand is that lots of predeceding minority groups and classes, regional peoples have never been represented proportionately in the halls of power, or the quality jobs market, and they haven’t had the right to make claims on such things, purely because of their class or differences in relation to those who have such jobs. It would be unfair to say because their skin colour is a visible difference, it entitles strict representation from a numbers perspective in relation to that skin colour, ie plainly employing people on the basis of skin colour, whichever skin colour is wrong, it should always be on merit rather than ethnicity quotas, otherwise its just another form of prejudice. If we are to do something about the guiness effect then we must also do something about non class representation as well, and all the other ways that tribal and prejudicial lines seem to divide people, and policing this skin fairness would probably be a waste of money and productive time. leading to more ridiculous quangos. Truth is britain is divided by money not race, and if you dont have the number that you are somehow expecting to be in the statistics ? sooner or later you will find them there, the majority of people can look at a situation of power and not find themselves in the picture, thats because of the nature of heirarchy.

How to be british : Simple Rules

State of behaviour in London today :

Incident 1:

Looking out of my window today in london, I saw a young of african origin local school pupil, just out of school get caught short, deciding to just squat piss, in the middle of the pavement ! and the mother did nothing to move her daughter to at least the gutter ? the congregation of african mothers and children just stood around laughing ?

Incident 2:

I as on the tube platform at stockwell, and I saw A drunk Guy just start pissing from the platform onto the train tracks, this astounded me, one for its stupidity, there possibly being a live rail in the mix and that the guy could not have found a better emergency point to piss earlier in the evening.

This brought me to the idea of general basic rules of british behaviour that should be understood by all so as to cultivate a level of decent behaviour in britain, as in reality hardly anyone reads or understands the law, but there is and should remain a secondary layer of law which is self policing, and requires only the complicit consent and communal belief of the people within the community for it to be maintained.

Basic Rules to Being British

1: do not urinate on the pavement, if it is an emergency, urinate in the gutter, or on earth or shrubbery where less people are likely to tread and natural processes may cleanse the scene of the urine.

2: Never Spit unless in an emergency.

3: do not stand and hover around doorways, corridors and streets unless necessary, ie ‘be about your business’ going to or from one place or another unless you are making a pointfull protest of some sort, stoop siting is foreign/american activity and not a british one, except in some terraced streets of yore, Do not stand on the street in groups/gangs talking smoking and attempting to dominate an area, this is uncivilised and intimidatory, and to be honest you have a responsibility to be doing more with your life than just chinwagging with pals in the street.

4: Attitude is not all, boasting is not british, live in america if you wish to spend your time boasting.

5: DO NOT LITTER or allow your children to litter ! Littering is offensive, do not cast rubbish into the street or from moving vehicles, place rubbish into bins, if non are in your locale, take the rubbish home with you and dispose of it at home. Discarding of cigarettes in the street is also polluting.

5: When travelling through the streets being loud and polluting the environs with the vapid noise of your dribelous imagination, ruins the peace of others, be considerate.

6: Listening to your shit grime music on your speakerphone whilst on public transport is not acceptable behaviour, your ruining other peoples peace, this behaviour makes you a “total non british dickhead” who should be ostricised from culture and probably neutered.

7: Do not point or wag your finger at people, unless you are wishing to offend them.

8: Do not insult strangers or talk negatively verbally to them unless you have a cause or reason to communicate with them. Again I state ‘be about your business’ do not interact with others unless needed to, or to chastise someone for breaking these rules.

9: Do not cycle on the pavement this irritates britsh people on the extreme, if you feel unconfident on the road, then go and pass a cycle proficiency test, all cyclist should be able to cycle one handed, so that they can fucking hand signal when they are turning !

10: if you live in english culture you must learn to speak the culture of the country in which you live in england and in england generally english is the lingua franca you should use for your general and public conversations.

11: If you immigrate into my culture it is your personal responsibility not to claim benefits of the general taxpayer.

12: Cheating systems in the culture in which you live causes the decay of civility and culture.

13: sticks and stones may make break my bones, but names should never hurt me, this is true others opinion views and words should never truly hurt you, if you cant take such things we dont require such weakness, debate and disagreement are helpful in forging true opinion.

14: The truth is always more important and of greater value than false pleasantries. though being pleasant polite and civil should be the default mode and attitude is not all and is most often unwarranted, treat as you wish to be treated.

anyone want to add any rules to this ?