Standards at the BBC ? sport within the news

why oh why do they keeping including sports in the news, its not news it’s entertainment, slow news day or not I do not expect news presenters on BBC news to devolve into bloody football and worse arsenal banter, football is entertainment and should remain separate from news unless violence related to it, is causing it to reach the headlines , as to who scores or not to me and for majority of human progress it’s a complete irrelevance .

Lumley is at it again :

lumleys back at it again The ghurka’s banging on about the righteousness of her, dictatorialy using her “telly popularity” to individually force a decision based on her own familial history and morals, to benefit a body of foreign people at the expense of the poor natives of this isle. who will either pay in taxes or who will have to compete for services, housing, school places with such imported peoples.

The Middle to upper class have always been this way, favouritising foreign people who kiss their ass better and show them deference who they themselves wont have to compete with, and imported people are often so much more obliging in this matter, and agreeing with one, all lumley has done is add to the fiscally imprudent debt pile this country seems to now permanently sit upon, whilst shitting on struggling natives of this isle even further, and helping to further dilute this country beyond all cultural recognition from a people capital perspective, just so that she can soothe some supposed ancient familial debt she feels toward her twat imperialist anticendents, and preen her own vain sense of self morality, afforded at others expense so as to boost the image of her self ego. Now admiteadly the ghurka’s are probably such a small section of the immigrational problem they could probably be looked over, and also to a large extent we have chosen them as hired thugs from a historical military perspective, though to be honest in revenge of Joanna I’d love to AXE the ghurka regiment compeltely, but in reality the most sickening thing is that our supposed democratic choice should not be defrauded by that small section of forceful personalitys who work within the media set or in this case just Joanna herself ? deciding for us … the majority what occurs in this country from a cultural perspective, what our immigration policy is going to be etc ! and thats why it stinks. It also needs to be remembered that the immigration of the individual is the tip of the iceberg in this respect, as the dependants and associated family that comes with that means its a bleeding edge of immigration that will grow, and that the quantity that will take advantage is probably much underestimated.

8000 soldiers x associated family members ? Nepalese average family size is roughly 5.8 plus the infirm elderly relatives means a total of what 7 additional people to the soldier making 8 in total ? this could mean this immigration will alone come in at around a total of 64,000 nepalese ? and they roughly on everage claim £600-700 benefits a month ? which sounds a bit low on the basis that housing benefit alone would yield more than that for family homes of that size, so Joanna is personally responsible for immigrating 64,000 nepalese people into britain ? and adding £6,720,000 a year to our tax bill ? those figures are crude and could well be above this, but just grasp for a moment the idea as to how much non democratic power, her single i’m a well loved TV personality dictator vote has wielded to manipulate our culture identity as a whole ?

Immigration in general

Every immigrant regardless of who they are or where they come from or even how nice they are, is from an already struggling persons perspective just more people to compete against and further segregate and fuckup an already crowded divided island nation, just more competiton for those natives on the edge of survival as it is. Competition in this case is not the beneifical supermarket kind, its the kind that leads to an increasement in incivility in the nature of people in this culture generally by more selfish personalities. Maybe the comfortable middle and upper classes and the horrifically liberal overpaid media set haven’t felt the weight of competition of these imported peoples as of yet in their own private versions of existence in britain, but there has in fact been natives directly or indirectly passed from existence in this land without a taste of the happiness reward and opportunity and richness of existence or family that their forebears suffered to provide them, due to this aforementioned extra competition from people who do not necessarily believe in or have the burden of carrying the same inherited value set and whose segregated ‘community’s’ and ‘welfare groups’ are effectively nothing more than self serving masonic lodges. Also the opportunitys and help for the struggling that does exist, is instead very often being directly offered to foriegners endlessly for no valid reason in britain. Joanna Lumley does not wish or care to know the natives of her own isle, she is helping out of existence by her supposed philanthropy to foreigners, she is and remains a devisive and irritating person, who does not understand the class from which native islanders sense of national family might descend, for often those of the upper classes and those who aspire to it, do not subscribe to that sense of familial national identity in order to better serve themselves, she is descendant from such a class and the endless rain of shit they have been projecting over the years on any native person under them who doesnt agree with their world view.


Lumley probably thinks shes from a lower to middle class military imperialist family, but the lower class today are such well propogandised morons they cant even see how subtlely theyre being fucked over by their own culture, propogandised to beleive in no native nationality by the media, which at its base level painted as racist by default, so theyre not even allowed a sense of national community without being classed as criminal, wrong in some way, the middle to upper class all the while forgetting that all the poor often to have to culturally cling onto of any worth to them is in fact their ‘national identity’ effectively their tribal identity, but no these struggling poor peoples are whose whose communitys are subsumed and over-run by the foriegn peoples, whose childrens learning and youth must be spent amongst the foreign, whose understanding of their native values must be formed and permanently altered by their close association with imported peoples, whose values may well be radically different, their destiny is irrevocably altered by a class above them, who though are the implementers a policy of immigration do not suffer the consequences of it themselves, secondarily this has created a sense of nuclearity with these native populations who feel under seige, meaning they identify with those in the harsh circumstances around them and the values these groups subscribe to, often denigrate subconsciosly the idea of education because good education belongs to the side of class divide theyre not in, on thier side of the line they have but sport and alchohol the boob tube, trashy materialism and entertainments and a wasted selfish life of cheap and short term gratification theyve been propogandised to beleive in as theyre culture from the start by a corrupt media giving them the trash they think will sell more media, the circumstance they find themselves in will often leave with a very flexible view of the law and a very inflexible of escape from their own situation.

All the while the deeply wealth seeking imported people, class believe-ing and social climbing, strongly middle to upper class aspiring immigrants, can leap over them to larger familys and cambrdge or oxford places for the heavily pushed second generation, since they often come from cultures in which they beleive in the class system, as often some form of caste system has been brutally apparent in their origin culture, and loving and respecting those selfish, ‘self preservation centric’ private wealth accruing values, and fully inhabiting and climbing into that middle to upper class mentality, wishing to exceed their native neighbour on the material track of life in this country and all that our imported form of pure materialism, now represents access to, which now appears to be everything of any worth including the most vital, a decent education, since the implementation of school league tables has further segregated culture, and this american form of utter monetary based social division is projected as a healthy system ? there is nothing healthy in this system at all.

I wish her and her 60’s foreign loving generation unhappiness and a shorter life, so we can get back to some people who actually believe in the people of this country rather than fostering those whose actions lead to its further and apparently endless dilution by the overt worshipping of all peoples and things foreign the 60’s framework seem to set up, for she has too royally sucked of the teet of existence provided by media fame, and its ego swelling, financial rewarding, class segregating milk.

Tottenham Riots : where are the bloody convictions 32 out of 300 ?

this guys on his blog pretty much sums up most of what I would say :

the polices slow reactions might also have been extended by a middle and union management play for axing of the proposed cuts to services ?

UPDATE : obviously the conviction rate has increased, it’s also a crime the didnt jail any bankers for the financial crisis

The usual teenage gang violence that typifys modern crappy london

The usual grouping of urban black kids ending up in gangs and somehow stabbing a native kid Nicholas Pearton to death, who was somehow in the way between the two gangs.

Nicholas Pearton I apologise even if no other british fucker will, how this liberal government agenda created a situation where this could happen to you in your own culture.

Oh and where exactly do you want to send your kids to school in london again ? where idiot black gang culture might not end up wasting their life ?

tiresome disgusting and boring, this is what passes for cultural activity and contribution to this country from some young people in london.

I think sentencing for gangs should be as a group and they all get the sentence length of the worst offender in the group at the time of the offence, that might teach them to be an individual instead of a gang pussy.

Derek Sawyer address

derek sawyer did he protect derek slade ? derek sawyer abused children for 40 years, and when his home was raided it contained 7000 images of children 4000 of which were deemed indecent.

I know this much it appears that his schooldays friend who vouched in writing, allowing him to get into a position which enabled him to abuse more children

appears to live on charteris road in Finsbury Park, London N4 by the look of the documentary video.

Review of some Peter Weir films

The Last Wave 5/10

Another of Peter Weir’s films that doesnt hang together, it seems stagey and wooden, perfomances come over as people acting rather than characters, a few moody aboriginals acting reasonably well or mute enough not to detect their acting inabilitys ? But really Richard Chamberlain his wife / family and other assorted actors somehow manage to ruin the idea of this film with acting that seems of its era rather than timeless, having a certain 70’s made for Tv quality to it, not that the idea of the film is particularly well executed though out. It looks to me like a film that only just made into existence by some judicious and desperate editing to clothe the bones of something that was effectively anemic from the start. Im sure Peter Weir was happy to get this film finished, edited, released and behind him.

Fearless 6/10

I like jeff bridges, but im beginning to realise that hes one of these actors that just plays himself allot of the time, he just rolls out jeff bridges and most directors love it, in fearless as a character you can see the acting more than the character when jeff is doing his thing, the plot logic has holes in it nothing too major, the best scene in the film is the final one with airplane ripping apart which is pretty well envisioned. the reason why this film doesnt work for me is this, since the film is about him being fearless post an airplane crash he survives, perhaps it would have been more dramatic if he was the only survivor ? then he might really think he was chosen or special ?, but since half the people on the plane seemed to have made it out alive and hardly tarnished apart from being a bit sweaty and grubby in what from a crash perspective, looks non survivable for 95% of the people, and the other 5% should be half burn’t or seriously injured its all a bit wierd. And this opening scene sets the film up badly in my opinion, I initially thought that half the characters surving the plane crash where in fact responders to it as they were all too clean, it didnt look like half of them had been through a plane crash at all. There are in fact story of plane crashes in which their is a single survivor, so its not unrealistic to take the plot to that extreme. some of the plot stuff works most of it seems a bit awkward, the strawberrys are awkward, anaphylactic shock is not alterable by purely mental processes and the extreme change of mental state in relation to family and children might be realistic, but only in a very small number of crash survivors, and seems a bit heavily engineered into the plot when so may other people also survive the crash ?

The Way Back 8/10

With age comes experience and this film executes well on its promises, though the journey itself is so long, a journey of 4000 miles across all terrains, towards the end of the film they seem to be hopping across from one kind of terrrain to the next with some of the food and water finding seemingly skipped lightly over, its so epic a real journey that you realise toward the end, the film can barely do it justice, as the film accelerates to try and cover more ground rather artifically to get to the endpoint of the film, the characters are well played, Colin farrel restrains himself enough not to come of as some charicature of himself and is reasonably beleivable as the russian street criminal, and the idea he cant leave the russian border is kinda nicely done, the final montage which again accelerates the pace of the final traveller over the years of history to eventually reach “the wayback” to the house and the key and his wife, seems a to trivialise the emotional experience of those intervening years between exiting india and reaching poland again, but really this is such an epic story that, trying to capture said years on film is very difficult, but could have been done better, as evidenced by the aging montage in UP in which 40 years of existence is done in 3 minutes and the emotional height is raised sufficiently to account for that passage of time. So for me i guess a central issue in this film would be the way the material of the plot is rushed through toward the end, ie the pacing could be better, but overall this film is the best Peter Weir film i’ve see so far, and is basically a must see.

Review : Seven Samurai

An arthouse film worth its plaudits and commendations, watch it now > 8/10, i dont need to describe in detail whats this film is about, because is such a good film you wont be dissappointed by just ignoring this review and watching it, great japanese acting perfomances in this film, the characters are beleivable tangible, a film where you cant see the acting, the characters are so well embodied.

JUST go WATCH this film right NOW :)

Review “Goodbye Dragon Inn”

a film which clearly defines how arthouse films can often be poor films that are up their own arses, and only succeed because a parade pseudo intellectuals fall over themselves to stomach very poor films better than the next pseudo intellectual. dont watch this film unless someone has offered you eternal life to waste. or you can happily stair at bad rothkos for many hours each.

Negatives in this film :

Turgidity, does anything actually happen is this film, things almost happen but not really
The story is effectively non existent.
Lack of dialog of any sort ” maybe 3 lines said in the entire film
immensely drawn out shots of a clubfoot woman plodding about a rotting taiwanese cinema, which seems to be a hangout for queers ?
and worse its not even realistically observant / documentarial ? time spent pissing in urinals was longer than any three men would realistically urinate for, so obviously massive gay toilet scene with cottaging overtones here.
maybe the cinema was closing because ordinary people don’t go to cinemas that have effectively become gay clubs ?
nothing is made clear or explicit in any way, its a … “you work it out for yourself scenario”, with no meat in the sandwich to consume.
but as classically true with most bad arthouse films, there isnt any substance and that which might be found by the insane, is a deperate overactive projection of their own bored mentaility to try and find something interesting in said film.
there are lots of things hinted at, unrequited romance between the club foot ticket sales girl and the projectionist.
intimations of queers active within the cinema endlessly prowling and rubbing up against each other in tight passages, yet no actual apparent resolution.

This film was so dull, that even as a hetero sexual man I was willing it to come to fruition on its threat of a gay sex scene or something, anything just for something to be happening on screen other than water seeping through concrete.

positives :

nice cinematography although it would need a 1080p treatment for me to get properly absorbed by the rotting concrete scenery, lots of lovely rain throughout this film, I have a fetish for rain in films.
the effective meaning of the film, the cinema is haunted by people, its the the people that are the ghosts, theyre not dead but theyre still haunting the place …
that ordinary life is not hollywood, that romances are often flat limp, half started and die, and that real life, is often like being stuck in the squalid concrete lobby of existence waiting for life to end or to happen but really living in a kind of limbo.
and the end of the film/cinema itself, bieng really the outcome for the actors of this dull peice who must now no longer haunt the stage of its existence / life … endless metaphors here etc but anyway
regardless of the postives theyres something inexcusable here, which is noone could develop any empathy for the characters one way or another, they are just flats that have been placed in the scene to prevent the lingering agony of the slow locked of shots from appearing to be what they in fact are, which is empty, theyres nothing going on in this film, its a flat rothko, the film would effectively be better of being a fly on the wall documentary of a real taiwanese cinema than an actual film.

at some moments you almost wish you were watching the film on the cinema screen in the film rather than this film itself regardless of how kung fu toy like it appears, you can tell the director wanted to project a personal experience of chinese cinema going in some dilapidated industrial regional backwater, which sort of works the problem is their must be more action in such a populated country ? than this, it seems tortuously empty.

And no doubt some arty farty twit is going to say its all a very clever statement about artisitic suppression in taiwan ? or something, rather than a recognising the plain fact thats its quite a poor film.
way to much vain 40’s hollywoodesque lighting up of cigarettes in exchange for actual dialog, which really isn’t a fair exchange.