the ills of modern times a philosophical conspiracy

the ills of modern times a philosophical conspiracy

noise feeds back on itself, so it is with international sociopolitical philosophy that gets believed in without foundation and implemented society wide, and so also it is with conspiritorial blogposts that self amplify.

to kill noise and amplify signal this should be the agenda but our ability to identify signal versus noise is largely limited.

graduation gown hire a ripoff

eg company : ede and ravenscroft gown hire

masters cape, mortar, gown, sash for the day :


founded 1689 or not, it still sounds like £30.00 more than what it should be to me. why dont they charge money based on the condition it comes back in ? ie the deposit is high, the kind of money Continue reading

save our forests

Dear all

I don’t usually forward anything like this, as we all receive enough spam and pyramid mail as it is, but perhaps with Egypt’s recent people power as a lead, we can also can make a small improvement to the state of this country, below this paragraph is a link, a petition related to halting the sale of british public woodlands. I feel particularly passionately that the sale of british public woodlands, is another shortsighted revenue generating idea from the government, hopefully you do to ? which as per usual involves the thatcher-esque permanent transfer of that which we already publicly own, into a smaller subset of private individuals hands for a temporary boost to government funds. Really the government need to be more inventive than this, yes we have a large deficit to deal with, but i would rather limit the size of the welfare system, than privatising and taking a literal physical cut to the forests of this land, if the woodlands old native deciduous or recent non deciduous is to be beneficially harvested, then it should be done so in a controlled and sustainable way, whilst remaining still in public hands. perhaps contracting out and allowing private companies to maintain and improve such woodlands profitably, with revenue passed to the public purse, but not own them, ie not a privatisation or sell off for all time.

please forward to those who you think might be interested in this cause.

apologies re sending this email to those who were not keen to receive it, I’m not normally a political animal, but perhaps we should re-invigorate the concept of democracy within this digital era.

Why unquestoning belief in 2000 year old books is wrong

Nicely done mr Threroux, proof if any were needed, that even if you don’t include much of the side of the palestinians, the zionists do themselves in, with their own viewpoints, the truth is Mr Zionist Jew whomever you are, do you not see that you will never … have peace in isreal … unless you destroy the palestinian population, who sit on the sites mentioned in your musty old book, and this slow motion genocide that you are committing for this future peace, would make you as nought within the eyes of human culture once completed, learn from all conflicts zones throughout history, people must live together and realise that though culture seperates people, theyre can be no laws designed to segregate beyond that of a border, artificial separation in so many aspects ultimately creates emnity and from that point, all the bad modus operandis of human activity can breed in a cloud of nasty uncivilised behavioural patterns.

Though you could have probed the far right christians allot further who were helping the jews on the vineyard, re the endtime prophecys theyre hoping will happen soon, because it means they will be sucked up in the rapture ! and get to see jesus ! lol. And really jewish people taking palestine is nothing more than proof of that for them because its more crap mentioned in badly written old books from 2000 years ago that validates their modern day insanity.