RAISE interest RATES fuckers, the house owning set, desperate to cover arse and keep their greedy gains

unwelcome ? according to the bbc one more minister thinks a rate rise is necessary.

rate rise unwelcome ? to the house owning set maybe ? every fucker who can’t afford a house is begging for interest rate rises and a crash to correct the last 15 years of government encouraged greed that has made the multiple house owning set a super wealthy elite at the expense of those who don’t own a home of their own to live in, this is now the divide in society. Also a rate rise would benefit those whose savings in the bank savings account get interest of 1.5% or worse ? and who’s money is constantly devaluing due to inflation rising faster than savings can repair it ? secondarily this devaluing in wealth is not aided by the governments profligate public finances which spell “public finance bankruptcy” whilst they still burn tax revenues paying for a bloated welfare system, so that this false economy means are actual currency is devaluing anyone’s saving. The problem Continue reading