human rights benefits stopping ?

This nation is on its knees everybody in this country needs to stop thinking about their dummy being taken away, there is no such thing as entitlement ! its an allusion of once wealthy societys, ask an african or a chinaman, find a job, or better still create your own work and if possible export something that actually adds value to the country rather than just circulates the same diminishing stale money round in circles, stop thinking someone took something from you ? did you pay for it in the first place ? if you get a payout because some corrupt law firm got you something, who is paying for that payout ? all your doing is stealing money from other people which future generations will have to pay for. starvation motivates people trust me, if we go further down this road of lethargy and benefits self entitlement things are only going to get much worse. Human rights are for those nations that can afford it ?

HS2 debate

btw I once worked on promotional material for UKultraspeed a maglev solution slightly quieter no rail friction, one of the many variations on this high speed train theme, these projects are old ideas, statistics can be easily manipulated, what you have to remember is the public is now ultra cynical because of the number overpriced disasters theyve been lumbered into paying for, london tube improvements for instance ?! between now and eternity that have gone horribly over budget and delivered not enough value, hence national debt. True airplanes are more polluting and generally less efficient, putting anything in the air usually uses more energy, but Continue reading