the self love cult, of the banker elites :

the self love cult of the banker elites :

Once ive worked out which bank to move to, to take my deposits, i shall be moving, barclays are just more evil in the world, and average salary at barclays capital of £234,000. thats for a staff of 28,400 investment bankers. so lets read that clearly they have a wage bill alone for people who gamble in the markets of 6,645,600,000, these people are lining their pockets by Continue reading

the ills of modern times a philosophical conspiracy

the ills of modern times a philosophical conspiracy

noise feeds back on itself, so it is with international sociopolitical philosophy that gets believed in without foundation and implemented society wide, and so also it is with conspiritorial blogposts that self amplify.

to kill noise and amplify signal this should be the agenda but our ability to identify signal versus noise is largely limited.