more c**ts for the list, clampers suck on it

more c**ts for the list of c**ts website im going to do one non existent day
wheel clamp

Hi … Gary Southalls the name
being a pointless asshole the game.
I like ripping people off, who park in the street
I use abusive and threatening language a treat Continue reading

Gamu a symbol of lax immigration control in the UK

Proof if any were needed that staying in this country is still, way too easy to achieve with lawyers and delaying tactics, like entering a talent competition ? people outside britain need to understand the “urban native ‘non claiming’ poor of this country” do not want anymore immigration nor ever really have done, we never got any vote/referendum allowing us to choose immigration or not, even in the slightest, please stay away, non house owning britain is tired of immigrational abuse by every tom dick and harry from wherever.

Please learn this once and for all “The UK was NOT like America primarily in its populational masse today, founded on immigration” (apologys to the native american indians, but the 307 million resident in america today mainly arrived through immigration) there was and is a native population here in the uk that had been pretty consistent for 150 years before the last 60 years in which politicians decided amongst themselves without consultation to the public, immigration would be a great idea ! Mainly because the americans are doing it and we need to compete in immigration ? lets import people and copy every cultural belief and tenet of theirs because we cant think of any better idea, like finally solving the class system and disenfranchisement in this culture generally ? also ford motor cars seemed like a good export so everything else american including immigration must be a wonder ?

Tell you what while were at it, lets enshrine the idea of immigration being the best thing ever, and make it a mind crime to ever talk against it for all native british people, and also Continue reading

iphone 4 sony ericsson mw600 bluetooth issues : solution

view the video above to see a good review of the headset which is the best ive used with an iphone 4 though even this has some foibles, but the review above gives some good instruction on use. if you have issues with iphone 4 and a sony ericsson mw600 bluetooth headset involving either the voice control working or ipod controls working but not both : follow these instructions.

on the iphone 4:
goto settings > general > bluetooth >
click the right arrow “>” next to the mw600 and then select forget this device.

on the sony ericson mw600 hold down the power button till the device powers off then hold down the power button once it is off to turn the device back on but hold it down until it goes into pairing mode, spinning arrow.

then on the iphone 4 go back to Continue reading

Robinson In Ruins : review

If you like action films with bruce willis in, please … move along … move along, there is nothing for you to read here.

Please bear in mind this review is not made with reference to the first two films in the trilogy and that having seen the third i will now go back and fully view the others, as this film makes me curious as to perhaps the ill appreciated merit of the first two.

Robinson in Ruins ?

for me it was a a cross between a visual complete culpepers herbal, combined with a new form of visual psycho-geography, densely researched and interlinked, the visual Continue reading

Turing research papers extorter

read more on the register here :

Some supposedly close relative friend ? of Alan Turing has been trying to acheive a sale price of £300,000-£500,000 for a small collection of Mr Turings research papers ? which to me seems inordinately expensive, its the kind of thing that is normally donated to national collections, obviously whomever this person is ? they wish to profit crazily from mr Turings efforts rather than their own labours, its people like this who i’m not sure really deserve citizenship of this country, the exploitative and the seflish really add little to culture, Mr turing certainly wasnt of such a nature himself, considering the bid got upto £240,000 and yet the seller in question did not decide to accept this offer as the reserve he had earlier greedily been advised to set at £300,000.

This seems greedy for a paperwork whose content could be distributed digitally very easily in this computer age so inspired in part by the codebreakers of the 40’s, its not as if in these times it can be considered in any way decent to try an extort these kind of sums from museums whose budgets must be strained at it is , with of course the usual threat of such works being sold abroad, as far as im concerned let the seller sell to some foreign buyer, if he can get the money and stop attempting to fleece UK museums. After all which museum of the world does it make most sense to house such papers in “Bletchley Park”, as such let him sell them to some foreign buyer, so when he has the little pile of money he desires, he has to walk around with the burden of guilt that he is despised by his fellow english men for having denuded his own heritage for the sake of profit and money.

people like this make me sick.

Survival of the fittest, too simplistic an argument for humanity

The Attenborough-esque survival of the fittest line is bullshit, humanity is a great deal more complex than that, regardless of how those zoologists interperet “every” human beneficial activity as a symbol of fitness or suitability for existence and breeding, selfishness being at the root is an extremely simplistic capitalistic and fatalistic view. The natural perturbations of lifes demonstratably, looping . . . diffuse ripple like interactional patterns does not fit such a simplistic model.

illegality of locked phones when purchased ourright lets take it to the EU

illegality of locked phones when purchased ourright lets take it to the EU.

How can it be legal for any phone manufacturers and network providers to lock your phone to their network when you have supposedly paid for the phone outright ?

recently i bought a phone from virgins phone store, im on pay as you go so I bought the handset outright, when it arrived i discovered the phone was locked to virgin, now one can understand on expensive handsets on contract where your paying off the value of the phone over a period , locking to a network might be acceptable, but when your buying the phone outright it isnt really acceptable to lock it to a network !

we need to take this to the EU, and have this dealt with once and for all, as far as im concerned its as bad as if ford sold petrol and made it so there cars could only run on ford petrol, which was at a premium to another provider.

and this idea that you have to pay £15.00 to unlock a phone from any provider for no apparent reason is also ridiculous. something to do with getting the codes from the manufacturer ? what is that rubbish !

this whole locked phone situation is ridiculous and sucks mega balls, why does the whole of life seem to get spent nowadays trying to negotiate with technological items, which have been designed to deceptively screw us all over for some corporates bottom line.

Spam protection only possible with live open crowd sourced community effort.

its a pity google dont contribute their understanding of spam protection as evidence by the quality of their spam filtering to some open source project or something or freely available filter set to a standard live updated type resource ? as spam evolves so quickly it almost needs a communal international open source effort to be on top of it, its almost impossible to be on top of it as an individual working it out oneself.