Techupdate iphone app review

Tech update

Does what is says on the tin, if you want to peruse a volume of tech news from multiple sites in one hit it’s well worth 59p . Obviously you can get individual apps or mobile web shortcuts to cover allot of this, but lets be honest this is a convenience app ie it aggregates under one icon. A thing to be improved would be longer excerpts from certain of the sites , so as to avoid having to go to the site to read the full story especially as there is space avail in some of the sites excerpts, without scrolling the screen even but this prolly more down to some sites rss style etc. And perhaps a mode where it provided a news overview from all the sites combined, trying to weed out stories with an identical gist. But overall this app saves you allot of time staying upto date with the tech news overall. I think well worth it and if supported could get even better. If your tech news orientated I think you can’t regret 59p on this ! ;)

NB : the review and praise above which i laboriously typed into the app store on my iphone, seems not to appear : sorry steven kappler >
I guess apple doesnt like your app being known about ? also my star rating didn’t come up either ?