The actual experience of nhs appointments

1 an appointment waiting time of 3 months.
1 Having to schlepp across town to the hospital at the Docters convenience, that would make sense if they were bothering to use technical equipment during diagnosis, but it’s just a kind of listen and glance over 1950’s kind of diagnosis, nothing seems to have evolved since that period, from a diagnostic perspective in a technical sense.
2 I arrive 15 mins before the appointment sit waiting for an hour past appointment before being seen.
3 the actual appointment last around 15-20 mins ?
4 the diagnosis is different from the last specialist, this time a treatment is suggested though the lack of concensus in diagnosis, is realistic yet a little disconcerting, though the lack of scientific testing and digital record keeping is as per usual the most worrying factor.

If I treated my technical support clients in a similar Manner I would have no work as my clients would look elsewhere. This is the problem with treatment that is provided through tax funds that are perceived to be free. From the user and provider perspective. It lowers expectation of quality on both sides to the point of futility.

CYM domain goes as secondary top level domain to cayman

hmm they already have one top level domain attributed to the cayman islands and now they get another that doesn’t relate to well “.cym” for cayman surely “cay” would be better at least? .cym relates to the name Cymru ? Much better , well i guess tax exile yields better results than any form of logic. Well the welsh being gipped to .cym may as well get “.cymru” and that at least is clear and more descriptive. But Internet governing bodys nominee do not make themselves look competent with such rulings.

Abu hamza retaining his falsely obtained British passport !

Because he claims he was stripped of his Egyptian passport we think he would stateless > rubbish > the evidence for the loss of his egyptian nationality is scant. The Egyptians are just trying to avoid taking the fucker back, and his citizenship stripping if it did occur. Was post our move to strip him of his British citizenship, ie a deliberate attempt was made to avoid accepting him back .

Screw Abu hamza I don’t want him and his overprogenating dick, breeding and living in my country, were already spending a fortune of taxpayers money supporting his vast family on benefits. If we can’t strip Abu hamza of citizenship, this country is fucked from a democracy perspective because the wishes of the people are being ignored.

Making him stateless as far as im concerned is not an issue at all, after all those who are truly upset by him becoming stateless can obviously decide to adopt and foster him into being a citizen of their country.

And as for his extradition to the states, speed it up theyre are way to many concerns as regards his human rights stemming from europe and that duncery of middle class eurocrat wankers, there are plenty of people in secure max prisons in america and I dont see the european court trying to protect them from such imprisonment, its a delaying farce hes always pushing trying to take the piss out of justice and judiciary in this country.

GP wages too high ?

perhaps ads like this is why we need 3 times as many qualified, if not working GPs in this country/the world, so we can get their wages from being astronomical and unjust down to reasonable levels ? after all if they were being paid something like 33k a year we could afford 3 x as many of them ? and that would lead to better healthcare overall, being a GP should not be the perceived god like specialism or such a disgusting route to huge wages that it appears to be ?

As a person who does a good job at their profession who earns 16k per annum such as myself, and suffers at the hands of an NHS GP surgery system that seems to make these GP’s inordinately rich ? whilst theyre not providing a quality of care for the majority of patients that is of any scientific reasonable merit, or of much practical use to patients ? I really dont see why currently GP’s are paid so much, except by sheer undersupply ?

and thank god there are some moral born people in the world like Mark Jopling who though part of the privilieged set is prepared to speak out about the inequity of the system :

is this phrase subtle multi ethnicity propaganda ?

“The population in XXXXXXXXX is changing all the time and we want to ensure . . . . ”

the opening line of a letter sent to me by the local health authority, so they can write me off from their responsibility if I dont respond, by hoping to imagine ive moved out of their responsibility ? and been replaced by some somalis or something, not too far from the truth, but no “I’m still here !” fuckers so you still have to take responsibility for me from a health perspective not that your succeding at that, your practically and to most purposes useless from my perspective, over paying asian GP’s too much money, to provide usefull care to the few obvious patients, and seeing too many patients in general to provide any decent level of care, is pointless.

what the are they trying to intimate that the “english population” is being changed for some other population all the time ? or just that the english are moving around so much they find it dizzying keeping track of them ?

note also they seem to spend tax money printing their communications in about 50 different languages, which really fucks me off, as a complete waste of tax money again, european courts probably have dictated this, as far im concerned if youve be given the privilege and right as far as I see it to live in this country “england”, the smallest concession you can fucking well make to your new host culture, is to learn the bloody language and operate in it. And if you cant be bothered to do that then please take my offer of >: fucking off, to wherever you may feel more comfortable, as you are personally partly responsible for wasting my tax money to print literature in your language, and your denuding my cultural heritage by damaging the operating status of its language within its bounds, and personally because of this I do not welcome you in my country , if thats clear enough for you ?

Striking and strikers ?

Solidarity my ass, line my own little pocket more like it, people who earn good money and arent on the bottom rung of society ie you earn over £16000 per annum, do not have carte blanche or any native right to strike and would be well to realise that ! too many fuckers in this culture think theyre entitled, the union classes being just one of them, and the claiming classes being the other.

The remaining union classes being public servants the medical profession, and of course the office workers union and the media unions, who are striking because their gold plated ridiculous pensions are being curbed ! It’s 1.5 billion in debt don’t think we the impoverished tax payer are Going to bail you out.