Luck of the Irish = Bumbling along ?

Irish success or the “The luck of the Irish” in my opinion sometimes comes down to :

doing something ie action.
however badly
and finding your way
ie bumbling along
in a selfish way
because in fact the luck really refers to self gain ie benefit to oneself when it is used. Self loving propoganda is often what convinces the world to garnish you with societal reward, and re-amplifiying that propoganda in a feedback loop, ie the phrase “The luck of the Irish” is a bit of self reinforcing propaganda.

Luckily or not ? we decided to reassert the idea that money really does have some meaning, hence the global hangover in relation to spin/marketing and false budgets, yet the government hold interest rates low to try and keep the false party rolling through the wee small hours of despair, but some generation sooner or later is going to have to pay the piper and that day is coming soon.

I’ve come to the conclusion over the years, most of life is spoilt by too much comprehension and forethought, that life is best led with little understanding to spoil the prospect and a go for it, “dive in” approach. Pity my baden powell propanda in childhood started with a solid 40/50’s ideal of “Be prepared” ie be cautious and ready, this didnt serve me well in the last 20 years, but caution seems to limitedly and currently seems to be paying microscopic dividends in the current climate. But im sure well soon return to debt and proflegacy, as that seems to be where the majority have weighted their chips on the human seesaw with their faith and prospect of undeserved future wellbeing ?

and alchohol helps allot of this “diving in” approach, and the irish have a close affinity to that.

but hey i guess the payback perhaps is the irish economic hangover ? argh theyll find theyre way, but sometimes bad medicine we all need to take.

prisoner rights extended to voting rights ?

NO NO NO wtf is wrong with this culture ? why are we not prepared to punish anyone for anything anymore ? again another demonstration of how the european parliament and European court / of human rights is destroying british democracy and culture. In fact destroying national culture generally, it must be stopped. Prisoners should not get votes.

Look at the evil cheekiness of this time travelling distorted dominic monaghan impressionist aged prisoner wanker, getting his kicks out of winding up the general british public up by having spent the last so many years fighting in euro quango-dom in order to get voting rights and worse compensation for all prisoners to the tune of 100’s of millions ?

This Hirst fella is a fucker, I hope he dies of a heart attack, he knows hes winding people up, and he keeps on banging on about human rights ? the european court doesnt seem to realise theyre are no human rights except those we “choose” to give, mainly because like most laws policing human rights, whether enshrined in law or not, it is nearly always too expensive to make sure that such rights are evenly applied, the world is unfair has always been unfair and continues to be unfair in many many ways, grow up !

The human right to vote ? its not written in the DNA mate ? and therefore in my opinion its an idealised concept and not a provable actuality. What about the rights of all the people to vote who dont appear on a council tax register for instance ? only those who can afford to be or happen to appear in the council tax system, are able to vote in my opinion. Or the people too frail to make it to a polling station? You have to understand the people who control the majority of democracy in this country are the middle aged house owning set. This is a pointless argument, the rights people have, are those we choose as a collective to give them of that set only a smaller subset actually exist which are those which are actually and testably delivered to the whole who are entitled.

and in my opinion I choose not to give prisoners the right to vote, and as far as im concerned, democracy in this country should overrule and veto democracy stemming from elsewhere, including the european court.

I now hate and wish to abolish european parliament as a concept its pushing to far with its own insane agendas which benefit the few and suppress the many.

remember your taxes pay for this : “Each new prison place costs £170,000 to build and maintain, and the cost per prisoner per year is currently £41,000. So as far as im concerned this guy has been leaching of every tax payer to the tune of upto £41,000 per annum for the whole of his sentence, unless prisoners are forced to labour economically to pay for the cost of their warehousing, its an injustice against all those who pay taxes who earn less than this amount, to suffer these fuckers leaching away impoverishing them further, and they dont even enjoy the £41,000 we lavish on them. The whole system is corrupt and pointless either execute the fuckers who deserve it or make them earn their keep, and that can only be done with incentive to the prisoners of keeping some of that income generated.

and dont forget a food menu consisting of five choices, a right to worship and religious association ? basically a society away from society, prison should be hardship, and self funding, with an opportunity of halving your sentence for those who can graft and contribute back to the culture whilst inside, ie say we need to build railway tunnels and large infrastructure projects which we can no longer afford to do. Prisoners should be allowed to prove their merit to be back in culture whilst inside, by proving that commitment to culture by grafting on cultural projects that benefit the country as a whole.

If we are to give prisoners the vote, it should not be because the bollocks machine that is the european union tells us too, its because currently voting means nothing until we re-invigorate democracy, even those who vote are despondent with the lack of change.

speaker phone mic and iphone mic confusion

when using speakerphone speak into the round mic at the top of the handset near the headphone socket, when speaking normally with handset heal against ear obviously speak as normal into the mic at the bottom of the phone, obviously if you want to use the handset in speakerphone mode on a table people may not be able to hear you very well, but speaking into the mic near the headphone socket will help people hear you on a busy street, or when they claim your very quiet.

tesco mobile iphone 4 set max ring time

punch the code below into your handset using the dial keypad and then press dial.


it will say some guff about setting registration and voicemail which should mean you now get 30 secs worth of ringing, before going to answerphone. the number before the last # is the number of time in seconds the phone will ring for, 30 being the supposed maximum ? I haven’t tried it higher or test timed beyond 30 secs perhaps you could feedback on this ?

( i dont think this is handset specific but it is I beleive network specific so try it out at your own risk )