iphone 4 feedback

good luck with your case against mirror worlds, they seem as usual, to be trying it on for silly money re : Cover Flow, the CF idea is not worth $625 million dollars, it is not revolutionary, and its value should be limited to the cost theyve previously managed to license it for. dont pay them that much. good luck

Feedback for iphone 4 ios 4.1 :

general dont restrict my options by not allowing me to set preferences ? maybe have an iOS4.0 pro so I can tweak all the stuff i need to ?

ie the camera is so auto, I get no controls for colour control, exposure, white balance, saturation, sharpness, focus control, timed shutter release ? my orange sanfrancisco android phone gives me more features than this ? and it cost £99.00. of course theyre are apps to cover this but really these feature should be in there. some kind of triple shot HDR exposure shot would be usefull considering the limited ability of the camera to expose for dark and light simultaneousy, and maybe even noise reduction. allot of these things can be found in 3rd party apps(almostdslr etc), but the lack of control at all as standard, assumes users are all idiot/muppets who want one click single button press for everything, and that theory of users only really works, if auto does everything perfectly which is doesnt.

no cover flow in portrait mode ? why not this option ? do not assume i am happy to rotate my iphone one handed and operate it one handedly as in fact the iphone is unwieldy in one one hand operation, and dropping when rotating the phone one handed is more likely.

where are the scrub controls on the playback of mp3’s maybe im blind but they dont appear to be there.

the ability to rate a track and have that fed back to itunes with a single click whilst it is playing back, preferably from the bluetooth remote or voice recognised, at the moment you have to click the artwork wait for the album rotate then click the stars etc, as I think track rating is one of the most underused elements within itunes, also perhaps to store those rating within the id3 tags of the file rather than in say a library, as losing my ratings on music infuriates me, you could cover the possibility of importing an mp3 file which already had a rating, with the possibility of allowing rating removal on adding to the library ?

is there any equaliser control for the iphone ? as my orange san francisco(aka ZTE blade)has better audio quality through its internal speaker and it only cost £99.00 on payasyougo? whereas my iphone 4 £349.00 sounds brittler and sharper in comparison less rounded, maybe the metals in the casing are not helping here ? or maybe is just the speaker chosen and its diameter ? but some equaliser control over speaker output would allow me to balance this better ? obviously when you spend so much more on a phone you get pickier and expect it to excel and beat its cheaper rivals at every turn.

sort out folder and icon organisation, as at the moment it appears impossible to swap two icons directly, as the icons seems to do some insane shuffle dance around the screen everytime i try to reorganise them like one of those sort the picture tile puzzles ? and in itunes trying to organise i fair no better ? as it mimmicks the crapshoot of the phone in terms of getting them where you want, SOLUTION :
hold down the shift key when dragging in itunes does a direct swap between two icons. rather than shuffling them about. also the design as to how to handle folders is inept to much space around the various wincy app icons for no good reason a single pixel between the apps inside an app should be suffcient and this would mean iphone4 wise the folder icons are legible. if only 4 apps are in there do a 2×2 grid of apps etc, if just 2 apps a side by side with a diag slice reveal between them ? use imagination ?

all apps on the store to have an eye icon that indicates made for the iphone 4 retina screen, as at the moment its potluck whether an app or game is built for the retina screen.

not just ratings on the store, but a way of more advanced searching by free etc, sorting by number of times downloaded, just a better app store.

junk mail filtering as my desktop mail does ? as at the moment i have huge junk mail issue on my iphone 4 which my desktop mail does not suffer, now considering shifting all my accounts to google servers to avoid this issue.

syncing accounts from mail via mobile me to the phone failed to work successfuly with imap4 accounts set up in google, as its showing mail froma a year ago first ? I bet if it set them up manualy this doesnt happen ?
so mobile me syncing proved fruitless in terms of getting email accounts setup right first time ? it should be seamless when transitioned from desktop mail accounts to iphone accounts it isnt.

As a person who sets up lots of iphones for my clients I find on the older phones : some of them have trouble auto connecting to wireless routers using certain security protocols. to the extent whereby i have had to shift routers to more insecure WEP in order to be sure my clients iphones could connect, hopefully apple are using the mos compatible wifi wifi chips rather than the cheapest, as for a premium product you would hope to have the least issues. I understand that regardless of supposed standards, theyre are wifi incompatiblitys out in the wild with certain gear.

hope this gets to someone who has the ability, power and influence to affect change for the better, good luck with all your endeavours.