An email to virgin mobile

Dear virgin

some suggested enhancement to the sim replacement feature :

there are many scenarios in which someone might need a sim card replacing.

1: Theft of phone : in this situation termination of the old sim is ideally immediate.

2: loss of or non functioning sim : in this situation termination of the old sim is also ideally immediate.

3: but there is also a third scenario, which is that say someone has been a customer since the days of GSM and there sim is 12 years old.

and they would like a new replacement sim to be sure they are 100% compatible with 3G services etc, or theyre old sim is temporamental but still functioning ?

My experience

I am a person who is in the small but relevant quantity of customers who are in scenario 3 above, in which my sim was 12/14 years old( a long registered customer of virgin) and i needed a replacement sim which was 3G savvy to work in a modern phone which had 3G ? I made the mistake of phoning up and asking for a replacement sim to be sent so that i could make it work 100% perfectly with a very modern phone, the customer operative : whether theyre are an outsourced or working in an inhouse call centre or even working to a computer script, did not as should be procedure, to inform me my old sim would be de-activated before my new sim had turned up or not ?!?!? Continue reading