why london is a shithole in the summer

why london is a shithole in the summer ?

well one has to open ones windows to get the last gasp of stale cool air … only to be blasted by the sounds of every kind ethnic cunt vocalising their love of some foreign fucking culture or religion at 22:47 at night.

What am I being treated to tonight in Finsbury Park ? some kind of african drumming and chanting crazy religious community hall meeting with amplification, god I truly hate these people, do they not understand that in “british culture”, where they are curently living, it is not acceptable to have a roudy religious meeting at 22:48 pm at night except at a christmas mass or something. worst thing their noise is tuneless monotonous and polluting my peace !

We need to start getting real tough on these noise polluters, these people move to this country and then start practising all this crazy crap, that has fuck all to do with our culture, and worse they cant even do it quietly ?

IT is things like this that have convinced me, the majority of this multi-culturalism that has been thrust upon us is a total and absolute mistake.

Now I have to wear ear plugs or headphones to drown out the sound of all the foreign cultures and religions encroaching and breeding in on me, whilst i’m trying to fucking sleep.

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how much I hate the noise pollluters inconsiderate spew.