Re: dailymail article about Liz Jones in the “femail”! section.

An extended response to a comment I made about this article in the “femail” ! section of the dailymail, written by two “mail colleagues” (see we can all wordplay … wretch) perhaps responding in a lack lustre way, to defend a fellow columnist Liz Jones.

Hmm people, who bring the gains of a city existence & buy up the tranquility of wilder places, & are then distressed that those who live their, can’t identify with them ? I guess it doesn’t require a great deal of imagination to be a journalist, and the imagination, that it does require, by the lazy will be spent on presenting the inflammatory or the rosehip hip itch down the back, kneejerk kind of journalism designed to offend for the sake of sales. Liz Jones failing to see that such types as herself are rarely liked by locals, is an almost darling lack of foresight. In Most situations in the world people who live in one location to exploit an economic boon, and then move to another location where that financial gain from the first location can yield an even better situation, are rarely approved of, except in cultures like america, not everyone … lives their lives to maximally exploit every situation to their own advantage.

The natives on both sides of this equation, ie those who do not trade situations purely for their own advantage, tend to dislike the fickle lack of loyalty displayed by those who do. Not many country people can identify with those who have a gardener, or who deliberatly slip in the amount they pay for wine, or who title a book “how i lost a husband and found rural bliss” as though its a fair exchange or even something that can be tastefully weighed against each other ? Bringing in 850 bales all by yourself ? or is the unwritten labour & help of others complicit in most personal triumphs ? ego & money generally brings isolation, and that coterie of people that is often found around rich people, rarely express their true feelings to such a person, and as most human creatures, are fully capable of being civil to such types who employ them, whilst at the same time holding some a high level of contempt, in the back of their mind.

And I think to most peoples minds employing people by using their labour cannot as yet, be tallied as a form of charitable distribution, and nor do such people who are employed rarely feel obliged or grateful for it, in a tug forelock sense of the word any longer thank god. Also no doubt students you help into jobs must generally succeed on talent, once you have helped with the social grease of obtaining them an interview, unless the world is so unjust, to indicate as we all suspect that really its about who we know, who they know and the third pride-less element of whose ass were good at kissing in a feudal sense.

Likewise phoning in distress from an exotic destination, about something which is genuinely upsetting, to a collection of ones labourers and a “femail” police officer (I know its gratuitous but hey the dailymail started it lol) tends to engender less sympathy, than being their in person on the scene, As those of certain classes still look down on those whose work lifestyle involves trans-atlantic travel. No doubt the police will have failed to highlight, exactly how low their chances are of finding the culprit/culprits concerned. Certainly any person has a right to be worried about it, but your emotions on this matter seem as robust as the offense you seem to have caused to some of the wider community you have joined, but I think you are wise to not let such intimidatory behaviour get to you.

Living happily in an area, is sometimes not just about having the money to buy a place, its also more often than not, about having an ability to identify with the people youv’e chosen to live amongst, as under the modern structures of culture today, poor people still seek the stability of tribalism, though coming from the isolatory bankrupt culture of London, I can understand your perception of money as being the prime requisite, yet most people actually rather despise it, for it seems to have bartered the common sense of identity away from people, for a shallow enslavement to some bland form of endless economically obsessed consumerism, at the cost of the things people eventually realise later in life they really need. And the supposed economic benefit of the last 40 years seems to have actually resulted in an greater disparity between the rich and the poor, such great divisions will never be healthy in any culture. You will probably find that those who have taken a disliking to you in that community, are probably divided into two groups.

Group A: The hunting shooting classes who wished that you had courted their approval upon arrival, as most rich arrivals did 40 years before.
Group B: The local born and bred who cannot afford the basics of a home in the area you have chosen to live (quite likely in the employ of the feudally landed from Group A), due to the “London Types” disenfranchising them, whether real or imaginary in your observance of the situation.

As for your assertion that perhaps if you were a posh young man, this wouldn’t have happened, I think that almost has the feint whiff of feminist paranoia, my perception would be this scenario is probably more about disparity of wealth and the disenfrachised in your local vicinity showing their displeasure, or perhaps your views on the hunting lifestyle, has won you some hotblooded gun wielding detractors, The scatter pattern looks close range to me, did the police search for pellets nearby ?

Truth is people are generally not keen on seeing others around them who have obtained a lifestyle thats is say ten times in scale their own small lifetime aspirations they perceive no chance in attaining. It is this disparity of situation, which causes most afront to the emotions of others, and truly peoples time and labour should not be worth such dramatically different amounts of reward, that such disparity can occur in the first place. That “American dream” of extreme wealth and making it, so rarely attempts to publicise the vast casualty’s of such agregious social propaganda.

Though mainly in the culture today it is the governments lack of penaliseation over multiple house ownership, and the monopoly-esque buy to let scenario that left unchecked has rocketed house prices to unearthly levels, that has seen so many driven to dis-enfranchisement and the extreme polarisation of people viewpoints in culture today. This is further tarnished by a lack of foresight from people whos perspective of power is fundamentally over-privileged, and cripples them from seeing things from the outsiders perspective, unless it is to empathise with the foreign poor we import to increase housing and services pressure even further on the native poor.

Alert GM big pharma on the move again watch out.

Alert GM big pharma on the move again watch out.
good article here in the daily mail

not the line which reads :

“But the Government has ordered the Food Standards Agency to carry out a year-long spin campaign to win support for GM. Ear-this year Sir Terry Leahy, boss of Tesco, Britain’s biggest supermarket, said supermarkets may have made the decision to reject GM products too hastily.

i didnt realise it was the governments right to tell a governmnet agency to spin something at us ?

Monsanto is pure evil and it wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t behind all this crap desperately trying to crawl there way into irrecoverably polluting our landscape or environment if they can. I f you think im overreacting then you need to watch the documentarys that i have seen :

yes shes looks like a guru but shes talking to a great deal of sense :

also check my post here :

we need to set the precedent that GM technology comes into the environment, wehn we the public chooses on the basis of each individual case and not at the timeline pressure of some corporate who has targets to meet, as in reality the risks of getting this stuff wrong in the environment would be a global disaster. And america has already polluted the whole of North America and is beginning to pollute South America environment with GM modified organisms loose in the environment.

good link here

Tesco’s Granny Smith from Africa ?

Is it only me that has noticed the degradation of the “Granny Smith” apple by Tesco, a few years back Tesco used to sell quite nice tight and small deep green “granny smiths” apples ? But now the Granny Smith’s apples they sell, seem to be getting closer to that sweet foam crap that is ‘golden delicious’ : never a brand more innaccurately phrased, ‘enemic sweetened old seating foam’ might be a more accurate a name, I think the problem started occurring when they switched to a south african supplier, someone who also supplys the golden delicious perhaps ? and there is some cross contamination genetically ? or worse as my worst fears suspect maybe its some kind of modified granny smith ? crossed with some commercialised golden delicious generic apple gene, thrown in to the mix, as these apples seem to be too uniform and bland looking to be real “granny smiths” ? Im sure theres quite a few granny smith crosses, some with a heavy commercialised genes and the granny smiths from tesco seem to be of this type ?

Having eaten both the golden deliciious and the granny smith as photographed above in a taste test, purchased from the same tescos, I can state the granny smith has the right smell (the golden delicious smells of nothing ?) But the flesh and taste appears way to similar to a golden delicious, not tight enough or tart enough. I swear someone has been dabbling here and crossed it, so that it crops, shapes and tastes like a golden delicious(with a slight taste inflection towards grannyness but not enough), but with just enough appearance of granny smith to be classed as one by identification. This granny smith is no longer a pleasant apple to eat, way too foamy and soft texture wise, nowhere near tart enough. It is this endless blurring of distinction with commercial crosses which will eventually ruin the biodiversity of real fruit varietys. and is a dangerous precedent to set, as eventually the un-iniated who can barely spell and are overly concerned, with which new twat Katie Price is fucking, are not the generation capable of determining the correct flavour pallete of a specific variety of apple. though who knows maybe my taste choice on this apple is based on an australian seedling grown in our climate ? but non the less these apple have changed and their unifomity of shape is now concurrent with that of the golden delicious which to me smells suspicious.
Hmm some shite ad agency won an award for a tescos granny smith advert ?! what the hell ? that bangs on about them being the same quality as waitrose granny smith ? but at asda prices ? I fing doubt it !

link here

To be Honest the selection of real english variety’s of apple at Tesco seem to have massively decreased, now all we can find are the slightly bulbous foamy non definitive types, the galas and the braeburns and the pink ladys of this world :( makes me think they have a woman buyer heading up apple purchasing. The only quality variation we find is in the distinction that they still sell Bramley Cookers. But in my local Tesco’s this whole season I could find no “Cox’s Orange Pippin’s” ? mine is admiteadly a sort of oversized tesco metro, but none the less no cox’s orange pippins !

There was also complaint from the remnant local apple industry over them being an african import.

although most of the degradation has occured in the plum and peach aisle, where all tesco ever seems to purvey is round bullets of unripenable bland fleshyness.

The return of the Snake oil sellers

The internet is currently rife, with people who for a fee will give you the lowdown on all sorts of things.

The secret to making your teeth whiter
The secret to being slimmer
Guaranteed systems to make money online etc etc etc

I do truly wonder how people fall for this rubbish please be aware this is all absolute twoddle and mainly stuff you could find out about for free online, all these work on a pandoras box theory, that they can lure you in with curiosity, the immoral dullard that make these sites is probably driving an opentop sportcars somewhere in america, fueled by praying on the weak of the world, whilst simultaneously thinking he is the cock of the world, and telling people to impress them hes web millionaire, without reveal the crude and ugly way he makes a living by selling useless pdf’s containing information that may be found elsewhere for free. Never give these sites money in an age of free informaton, try the free sources of information there is enough of these to go around to last a lifetime

Too much to view

“Too much to view” or “distraction central” title for a biography of the internet i’m not going to write, Or the Alternative “everyone has something interesting to say, its only the vested interests we generally hear, as they are not sort out, but put upon us” and in this the age of the internet there is too much to view of sanity, just no correlation between that and its enactment upon society for the better, except in an almost randomised fashion.