Barack a Bilderberg accepted man ?

I think he might look like change, but i think he’s a chosen man acceptable to bilderberg which is a bad sign, he probably should be avoided. Promising way too much, prone to dramatic rhetoric, that he will fail to deliver on, his views on military aggression are little different to bushes, or worse skitso depending on whom hes talking to ? The oily politician tongue in action.

My prediction he will get elected and there will be little will change, but then i guess thats an easy bet to win. And why do people want presidency so eagerly when they must appreciate the real difficulty in making powerfull positive change. The problem with politics is trying to please too many people, As to really have a mandate for change, you must have a view which in places will definatley oppose others views to be goodly effective, or they’re will be no movement towards a better situation.

Bush Bailout of private enterprise with taxpayers money

simple answer no way !
Northern Rock shouldnt have been bailed out by the Uk government.
tax payers should not take on debt to bailout private enterprise ever.
americans would be insane to bailout bushes moneymen buddy’s, we get screwed over buy these capitalist insolvent over ambitious greedy immoral corporate entity’s. An now they want the taxpayer to bail them out !
Those who have borrowed too heavily should pay the price of such borrowing
Equally those who have lent too heavily with ambitious greed should pay the price also.

Bush made the mistake of encouraging them to make these artificially cheap loans now he wants bail out the people he encouraged to do it, to cover up another bad decision he made.

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i bet hes got allot invested in silver , take his advice and youll be pushing his shares up.

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